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Experts discuss smart and sustainable living at Schneider’s summit


In its quest to achieve net-zero carbon emission and increase focus on sustainable living, Schneider Electric hosted ‘Homes of the Future’ track at its Digital Innovation Summit 2021, held between October 19 and 21.

Srinivas ShanbhogueThe session deliberated by Srinivas Shanbhogue, Vice-President, Home and Distribution, Schneider Electric India, along with Gita Ramanan, CEO & Co-founder, Design Café, and Kavita Sastry, Principal Architect, KS Designs Studio and Chairperson, IIID Bengaluru, was themed around ‘Smart and Sustainable Living’.

The experts discussed the need for adapting sustainable and smart homes to create a carbon-neutral future. They stressed upon the need for optimising the home furnishing space, various solutions that help in making homes more efficient and various challenges and opportunities that are driving the shift towards smart homes.

At the event, Shanbhogue said, “Being the leader of energy management and home automation, we are constantly working towards bringing sustainable and smart home solutions to life. Our energy-efficient home automation solutions seamlessly fit into existing and new homes, providing sustainable comfort, convenience, and security. At Schneider Electric, we have taken various measures to reduce our carbon footprint and have further pledged to become operationally net-zero by 2030.”

Gita RamananGita Ramanan said: “Design Café’s consistent pursuit is to offer sustainable personalised design solutions for homes at affordable prices. Throughout our journey, we realised that there are various ways to adapt sustainability and personalise our offerings to the clients according to their preferences. For us sustainability remains our top priority right from selecting the construction material to finalising on how to utilise the space effectively, all these decisions are taken after evaluating the long-term impact on the environment.”

KavitaKavita Sastry said, “Design thinking has evidently emerged as the need of the hour. Businesses are rethinking their infrastructure and interiors to become more attuned to larger climate needs. With this view in mind, we are witnessing an uptick of homes that blend technology with nature and sustainability and therefore counteract the effects of increasing carbon footprints. Homes of the future will continue aligning with the needs of the environment as well as the needs of individuals and bring together innovation to sustain clean and green living.”