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Fire mock drill at Pyramid Urban Homes

A fire mock and evacuation drill was conducted for 1 hours at Pyramid Urban Homes Sector 67 Gurugram. The purpose of the simulated drill was to teach participants how to ‘behave and react’ in case of a fire outbreak under the guidance of trained professional fire officers, says a release issued by the company.

The fire safety briefing was the key objective of the drill. People were taught the ways to use a fire extinguisher, the PASS method, and emergency carry techniques. They were also told about the Hydrant System Operation, and how to operate it and were also briefed about the basics of the fire alarm control panel.

Ashwani Kumar said, “The drill’s primary objective was to instruct the people on what to do and what not to do in the case of a fire. If damage is to be minimised, individuals must have the ability to respond successfully in certain circumstances. If we all know what to do in a crisis, we can successfully prevent suffering. People were given a thorough briefing on what to do in these situations and how to minimise harm.”