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Forecast For September 15 to October 14 2017


Aries: Ganesha says you have been able to reflect on your past and identify a pattern of behaviour that you know is not good for you. But you are as stubborn as ever and are not willing to change. You let your heart make all your decisions and they could be wrong most of the time, as they will subjective. Your intuition will also tell you to distance yourself from certain people, projects and preoccupations.

Taurus: There has been a tremendous change in your outlook. You understand a little more about the power that you have within you. There will be a lot of entertaining in this phase and you will be making many new contacts. You will gain appreciation for your
hospitality and charm and wit and be the soul of the party. There will  also be some restructuring at work and you will look at many new areas of improvement and progress.

Gemini: The 3 P’s – Promotions, profits and prestige are at the core of this period. You involve yourself with initiatives that empower you to forge ahead. A significant rise in energy levels translates into long, productive hours at work. For those in the media, in particular, brand – building, media planning, and profit maximization become primary concerns.

Cancer: You will think and ponder over what you really want out of  life. Most people are not working in areas that they are best suited for, are in the wrong job and hang in there out of compulsions. We can say the same thing about marriage but that’s a different issue and we will go into that later. Ask yourself in no uncertain terms what you want in your life today. You deserve to have the best. There is only one life and so don’t make too many compromises.

Leo: The level of conviction in your beliefs will be astounding. You have so many unanswered questions, but it doesn’t stop you from feeling this way. Your confidence and charisma will soar. You have realised that it is good to have problems and unanswered questions in order to challenge yourself to find solutions. This is also the time for a new love and you may begin to feel an uncontrollable attraction
to someone who has recently come into your life.


Virgo: You are counting the days for some kind of renaissance to happen, not realising that it has already begun. You can’t see yourself changing, but it’s apparent by the way people respond to you. It could be a combination of social re-engineering, doing the same things a little differently, or your recent good fortune in the stock market that is fuelling this attraction; there could be any number of reasons.

Libra: Innovation is the buzz word this period. Technologies outside your industry will force you to learn, to acquire, to adapt, to change. You will be on a learning, spree as you incorporate new technologies in your workplace. There will be rapid expansion and you reap the whirlwind. There will be a re-allocation of funds and resources to maintain a sustainable growth rate.

Scorpio: You are jet-setting, globetrotting and reconnecting with old friends and relatives. It could be that you have been promoted to a position of authority too quickly. You will be hard put to cope with the new assignment but you manage it well in the end. You will learn to develop your people skills and other emotional competencies that
come with time and experience.

Sagittarius: By now you have established credibility and a power base. You have been judged by your actions and are finally in a comfort zone. There is applause, money, rewards, felicitations. Live in the now and enjoy every moment. Make the purchases you have always wanted to even if it means spending too much. Life is fleeting and you have done well. So loosen your purse strings.

Capricorn: Huge investments and large purchases may become a necessity. You deal with loans and funds, joint – finances and raising capital. You look at scaling up production. You must commit to only as much as you can deliver. Demand is practically impossible to predict if you are introducing a new product. You are worldly and wise enough to realise that you cannot afford to be lackadaisical.


Aquarius: You are feeling very entrepreneurial. You will soon be able to place people in key positions so that you can be free from everyday concerns and focus on the development of new businesses. Your family rallies around you and there is greater love and appreciation around the dining table. Expenses will mount and there could be travel for work.

Pisces: Ganesha facilitates both material and higher gains. The focus will be on adding value and building your portfolio of assets. The acquisition of wealth, the infusion of capital, joint accounts, loans, funds, an inheritance or perhaps even a lottery, may be around the corner. There is a strong indication of a sudden unexpected gain this period.