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Forecast For February 15, 2018 To March 14, 2018


aries Ganesha says you love to make money and you make a lot of it quite effortlessly, as the new moon in your own sign initiates a trend of gains. Money continues to flow into your coffers through rents, leases, loans and promissory notes. A good bank balance makes you feel secure. You may have to spend a lot of time on negotiations and deals; and buying/selling of assets, and making acquisitions.

bejan daruwala

taurus It is definitely money that is in focus this period. A strong financial foundation is what you hanker after, as it gives you a feeling of security. You do this through prudent and long-term investment in land, property, assets and stock holdings. This will give you the necessary push to achieve success and, in the process, develop your identity too. Everything falls smoothly into place like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, almost pre-ordained and without any great effort on your part.

geminiYou have been working very hard past period and could have neglected your emotional relationships in the bargain. Romantic manners now come into sharp focus and you bond with your partner in powerful way. You feel god about it and this, fortunately, infuses a feel-good factor which also colours your ties with your colleagues, co-workers, siblings and even extended family. The mood is contagious and everyone is happy.

cancerCarpe Diem! (Seize the day) This is the motto that truly defines this exciting time in your life. Drink to life and savour each mouthful to the fullest, says Ganesha. You can have it all, if you want. Love, romantic relations, fun and games, partying, socialising, get-togethers – yes, all these appeal to you and fill your plate till it is overflowing. Relationships, both personal and professional, give you great pleasure and benefit you in manifold ways.

leoThe theme of relationships is taken further this period and you focus strongly on communicating with your loved one. You do not generally enjoy going too deep into any issue but at this stage in your life, you do just that. They do say God is in the details, don’t they? This is also the time to make yourself more visible, perhaps even the right time to update that resume, says Ganesha. There could be travel, new collaborations and much professional success.

virgoDeveloping and maintaining relationships is the definite trend for this period, and you may have already seen strong indications of this since last period. You will continue to strengthen your professional relationships through good communication and a thoughtful attitude. Thanks to the changed perspective and your efforts, you will also see immediate rewards. It is a happy period by any account.

libraTwo themes run parallel this period. On one hand, you add to your resources through loans, funds, rent, leases, legacies and inheritances. On the other hand, as you seek an intense connection with your partner or beloved, the possibility of a strengthened emotional bond charges you with adrenaline. You are filled with passion. There are many colours on your palette to dip into.

scorpioFun, frolic, friendships, finances – these 4 Fs have demanded your fair share of attention in the past period and you have gone all out to do them justice. Now, you want to take things easy and rest a bit. There is the danger of going to the other extreme – from intense activity to absolute indolence. Other-worldly matters bubble up, urging you to search within and get the answers to esoteric questions.

sagittariusYou can’t be kept down for too long and you think your goals and targets afresh for the period to come. Life beckons and you push ahead with your characteristic forthrightness. Hard work, creativity, innovation and optimism colour your actions as you make brilliant progress. Communications, contacts, correspondence – these 3 Cs are the main trend for this period, not just in your work but even in all your personal and intimate relationships.

capricornYou realise the need to organise your time and work routine as you push ahead with the goals set last period. You introduce systems, streamline procedures and increase your efficiency at the workplace. This endears you to your colleagues and subordinates. Yes, its action time and you may find yourself tackling many projects at one go and multitasking furiously and successfully. There will be travel, expansion and growth.

aquariusThe attention you have given to relationships over the past period has opened your eyes to the great value they have in your life. It is no longer enough for you to think only about yourself, your personal goals and ambitious. You have to include others in your dreams. There are high expectations from spouse/partner/older relatives/children/colleagues and workmates, and this could stretch your time and resources.

piscesThe moon in your sign makes you want to shine in the world. You aim to be the best you can in your work and in your relationships and also want to be the centre of attraction. A strong self-image and a successful persona is what you want to project, especially to those who look up to you. Money makes both personal relationships and family interactions sweeter and you enjoy domestic bliss. You are filled with contentment as you go about your work and domestic affairs.

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