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Foreign experts visit Precast factory of Amrapali Group


DSC_0210A 35-member delegation from 20 countries visited Amrapali Group’s precast factory at Kasana, in Greater Noida on Thursday. According to a press release, the international delegation’s visit was meant to get an overall view of the structure and functioning of the Asia’s largest precast plant.

The delegation comprised representatives from Germany, Europe, Dubai, Japan, China, Taiwan, Indonesia, Norway, Finland and Zimbabwe.

Amrapali CMD Anil Kumar Sharma, ED Shivpriya, Director-Technical Nishant Mukul and senior officials of the factory displayed to the delegation equipment for manufacturing different types of precast, in addition to products of hollow-core floors, beams and slabs.

The Group also gave a presentation about its goals, strategies and plans for the future besides dwelling on the importance of precast in economical and urban development construction in general. The team appreciated the use of the latest technologies in production and construction.

Later addressing media, Amrapali CMD said, “One of the biggest advantage of precast is that it is environment-friendly. Precast concrete buildings can be designed safely and economically with a variety of plans and with considerable variation in treatment of the elevations to height upto 40 floors and more. Precast concrete offers considerable scope for improving structural efficiency thereby decreasing the construction cost.”