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‘Freeport’ enters India with Orion One32

Noida, September 20, 2022:  Commercial spaces in Noida, Orion One32, is set to welcome a global brand, Freeport, to establish India’s first retail store with world-class brands. Freeport has already been leased a retail space in the commercial project for over 29 years, binding a long-term service to the residents in the vicinity. It is a well-established outlet that offers expertise to various other investors and developers in the Outlet industry.

London-based Freeport is operating in 20 countries with approximately 450 outlet stores in all the centres and has been listed on London Stock Exchange. 

“We’re glad to announce Freeport’s arrival in India by leasing out a considerable retail space at Orion One32. It is undoubtedly going to boost the economy due to its out-of-the-box facilities and availability of the topmost global brands in Noida. This will drive a huge volume of buyers from NCR to the space with the most premium brands. Orion One32 has been designed with the latest technologies and unique architecture, and we look forward to serving the best to our customers in the upcoming years with this project,” said Dushyant Singh, Director, Orion One32.