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GDA launches online initiatives for residents

The Ghaziabad development Authority (GDA) on Monday launched several digital/online initiatives to improve its performance and to ensure that residents don’t have to visit its office frequently.

The Authority launched an initiative of ‘standard house design for individual residential plots’ which will enable residents under the GDAs housing scheme to apply and select their choice of house map-layout for construction purposes.

The system will be integrated with GDA’s newly-launched website `’. If a person plans to construct his house, he can visit the system and choose from various pre-designed map-layouts available. That way, he can avoid paying fee to an architect.

“The pre-designed map-layouts will help residents make their selection sitting at home and they also need not incur any expenditure by hiring an architect. The system will automatically calculate charges even for multiple floors and payments can be made online or through a system generated challan, paid at the designated bank. The idea is to completely avoid frequent visits to the GDA office for map approvals,” GDA Chairman Santosh Kumar Yadav was quoted in the media as saying.

The Authority plans map-layout sanctions within two to three days and applicants would be informed through SMSs.


Besides, the GDA has digitised around 1.22 lakh properties that fall under its jurisdiction. Now a resident can view his property details on the digitized system. The Authority has also developed a mobile application for Android-based smart phones where a person can file his grievances, complaints and suggestions.