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Ghaziabad municipal body clears 5 pc annual increase in house tax

Ghaziabad municipal

The executive committee of the Ghaziabad Municipal Corporation on Wednesday cleared a proposal for 5 per cent annual hike in house tax and allowed a rebate on tax payment in four slabs for the current financial year, according to a report published in the media.

The corporation estimates that nearly 2.8 lakh properties fall under its jurisdiction in the five zones of Ghaziabad.

Presently, residents pay 10 per cent house tax, 10 per cent water tax and 4 per cent sewer and drainage tax to corporation on bills raised.

The newspaper report said the amount of house tax is calculated on the basis of annual rental value (ARV) of different properties, which is dependent on the rate per feet decided by the corporation.

Last year, the corporation had decided on a hike of 10 per cent in house tax after a gap of 14 years. Before that, the corporation had prevalent rates of 0.60p, 0.75p, 0.90p, Rs. 1, Rs. 1.25, and Rs. 1.5 per feet for various properties to calculate the ARV. The rates will now be hiked by 5 per cent, which will affect the tax amount to be paid.


The executive committee also cleared the four slabs under which differential rebate will be allowed upon tax payment.

A flat 20 per cent rebate was offered till November 30. Now, the corporation has decided to allow rebate in four slabs. The first slab will offer a 20 per cent rebate if tax is paid between April and July. The second payment period from August to September will offer 15 per cent rebate. The third, from October to November, will allow 10 per cent rebate and from December to January next year will allow 5 per cent rebate.