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Godrej Security Solutions launches video door phone

MUMBAI: Godrej Security Solutions (GSS) has announced the launch of its new video door phone SEETHRU 7. The product utilises landline to call mobile phone in case one wants to talk to the visitor when not at home. This 7″screen VDP has a TV out option, can support multiple outdoor units, indoor monitors, CCTV cameras and contains a removable SD card for recording images/video.

Mehernosh B Pithawala, Head-Marketing, GSS, said, “We are proud to launch such evolving products such as the current SEETHRU 7 video door phone which epitomises Godrej Security Solution’s vision to provide innovative solutions for home security.”

SEETHRU 7 utilises the already existing landline of the user which allows him to talk to visitors even when he is away. The user only has to switch on the ‘follow me’ mode which will prompt the VDP to dial in apre-fed telephone number whenever it is buzzed. Conventional VDPs generally just click a photograph and store it for reference purpose.

SEETHRU comes with an option to view the feed on a television, eliminating the need to walk to the unit. Up to three indoor monitors are supported by the device which extends the monitoring capabilities in to the bedroom, kitchen and study etc. The VDP can also be used in multi-entrance accommodations such as villas and monitor critical areas of the residence by supporting a maximum of 4 CCTV camera.

With a stylish touch panel, the SEETHRU 7 serves a dual function of addressing the security need of the user as well as adds an aesthetic appeal to the house owing to its contemporary design. The product has been priced at Rs.18,999.