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Grand Arista Society hosts Zumba classes


Grand Arista Society in Sector 168, Noida, organised Zumba classes for senior citizens. The classes received enormous participation and good response from the senior members, said a press release. 

The Zumba expert guided the seniors and made them do some easy and effective exercises to release stress and lead a healthy lifestyle. Yoga asanas were also taught for spiritual enlightenment. 

The elderly were excited and grateful to be receiving the self-care tips and guidance on daily exercises. They applauded the efforts of Sunworld Group for taking care of them amid these difficult times.

Rahul Chudhary, Promoter, Sunworld Group, said, “We must take care of our elderly in these unprecedented times, it is so much more difficult for them than we can ever imagine. Our group therefore, decided on organising this session as a healthy distraction for them.”