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Green spaces and wellbeing top priorities for Delhiites: Godrej Properties Home Livability Factors report

Delhi, August 23, 2022: Delhi’s 90% residents are opting for green spaces. This has been reaffirmed in the Home Liveability Factors study conducted by Godrej Properties which asked Delhiites on key factors that drive their investment in a home. 

The report found post-pandemic there has been a value shift in the mindset of homebuyers.  The priority of homebuyers from Delhi has shifted to open green spaces and homes which support their need for a sustainable lifestyle. Most homebuyers have opted for multifunctional spaces, converted rooms into an office or workspaces, created green zones, and adapted practices to save energy, water, and food for sustainable living. 

Home Livability Factors report underscores the fundamental shift in homebuyers’ preferences with the onset of the pandemic and the significant alterations that it has brought about in their preference for residential apartments. The survey questioned respondents on scoring the importance of a few criteria before purchasing a home and the result unveils that factors like Sustainability, Work access, Amenities, and Cost of purchase ranked on top. They also evaluate the proximity of housing complexes to their place of work as among the foremost reasons behind decision-making criteria before buying homes.

3 out of 4 homebuyers in Delhi purchase homes on basis of their proximity to open spaces and nature reserves with priority on leading a sustainable lifestyle. The report also showcases that majority of people residing and working in the national capital; are making conscious efforts to connect with nature in and around their homes. As per statistics, 50% of respondents to the survey agreed that they have plants at home which make them happy. Another 40% are of the view that plants are fundamentally important for them and they want plants inside their homes as well as surrounded by greens with open spaces to complement them. 44% of them stated that they make sure to conserve energy, avoid wastage of food and water and use sustainable products. While 36% of them claimed that they are conscious of their use of water and energy and so they try to minimize wastage and adopt recycling. 

Rakesh Kumar, Chief Design Officer, Godrej Properties, said, “Homebuyers are now looking at holistic wellbeing and have become environmentally conscious to a great extent. Residential development needs to be aligned to the native needs of homebuyers and craft bespoke multifunctional designs offering green and open spaces. Homes apart from being technologically evolved need to offer contemporary facilities in terms of safety, security, and well-being thus enhancing the overall livability quotient.” 


Conscious efforts are being undertaken by people to ensure that their abode also takes care of their health and well-being. 49% of people from Delhi felt that home is an important place to ensure a healthy and safe living environment. Another 35% of Delhiites asserted that their home life is centred on mental well-being and physical health.

With offices opening up in a full-fledged manner and many corporates opting for hybrid work mode, the study also posed reactions to gauge changes in interiors and designs to cater to their professional requirements. 53% of Delhiites claimed that they have made some adjustments for work from home work culture but assert that home will never completely replace their workplace. Around 24% of respondents from the national capital agreed that they have completely adapted and set up an office at home.

One of the benefits of spending so much time at home during a pandemic other than spending time with loved ones was that it encouraged people to revisit previous interests. Some developed new interests, viewpoints, and relationships while others discovered themselves. According to the Home Livability Factors report, 48% of homebuyers in Delhi felt that it is important to develop hobbies and passions, and they even developed spaces in their homes to practice the same. However, there were 9% who did not have time to pursue their hobbies and passions.

Data findings are a part of a quantitative research report Home Livability Factors unveiled by Godrej Properties Ltd. (GPL) that surveyed respondents from seven cities of Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, and Chennai.