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Gulshan to deliver three projects in the next six months

Yukti nagpal

Yukti Nagpal, Director, Gulshan, is proud of the fact that during the challenging times of pandemic, her company remained focused on construction as a result of which it was able to complete all its leftover projects. In an interview with Realty & More Editor Palash Roy, she informed that in the next six months it will be handing over three of these projects: Gulshan Botnia, Gulshan Bellina and also Gulshan One29. She also talked at length about the exclusive offerings the company is going to provide in its luxury venture, Gulshan Dynasty.

The following is the text of the interview:

Palash Roy: How was 2020?

Yukti Nagpal: The year 2020 has been a year of great learning, a lot of innovations and I guess bringing everybody in the organisation a lot more closer. So that’s what 2020 was all about for me. If you ask me about the company, I think we have very successfully managed to automate most of our processes. They are very successfully managed to derive the best value out of our existing resources and we have very successfully managed to understand which employees, which vendors, which of the circle really are true to us, stay with us. That has been great in those terms. Like I said, 2020 was a great learning year and we are able to now look at the future 2021 and what it might be for us.

PR: What are your expectations from 2021?


YN: The year 2021 is going to be a great year for Gulshan because we are now all set to deliver three of our under-construction projects. In the time of the pandemic, where most of the sites are stuck, the construction work is stopped real estate is pretty much struggling for the finances, we are shining standing tall that we are able to complete all our leftover projects and soon in the next six months will be handing the three of them: Gulshan Botnia, Gulshan Bellina and also Gulshan One29.

PR: Any new launches that we can expect?

YN: Well, we definitely have been on the lookout for more projects. But as you know, as our company policy, we try to take things slow we want to finish what’s in hand and then think of a new project. So when we complete these two, three projects that I have just talked about when we hand them over that’s when we will launch a new one. As of now we haven’t picked up any new one, but we are definitely looking.

PR: Since you are in the space of real estate, apart from residential and commercial, do you have any plans to foray into other sectors such as hospitality or something like that?

YN: Hospitality is something very close to my heart. And as you can see Gulshan Dynasty, it’s a perfect marriage of real estate with hospitality and this is what we are planning for the rest of our projects, bring residential or corporate or commercial but with a very beautiful blend of hospitality. If all goes well, we might also be starting to open a hotel very soon.


PR: Which will be in the NCR only?

YN: Oh, I can’t tell you that.

PR: OK, and are you in talks with any service provider for hospitality segment?

YN: No, not yet. We are still trying to find the kind of product we want to create. As you know, it’s been my dream since I was a little girl. I always wanted to make over there and I’ve a very set mind into what I want to do. I don’t want a big, a fancy hotel of 500 rooms. I want a small boutique property where a family can retire. But it has to be out of this world, a mind-blowing hospitality.

PR: Tell us something about your major luxury venture Gulshan Dynasty?


YN: It is very close to my heart. Gulshan Dynasty is the first luxury project Gulshan has forayed into we are and this is this is where we plan to and rather very successfully. Hope to redefine the luxury of what it means to the market. We want to tell the word that luxury is not just fancy four walls. Luxury is convenience, luxury is legacy luxury is your wellness and that is all what we Gulshan Dynasty is all about. It is awareness home, one of the first of its kind, Noida has never seen awareness home or rather the country hasn’t seen one awareness real estate home. And this is what Gulshan Dynasty is bringing.

It is not only taking care of your physical wellness, but also your mental spiritual and social wellness. Here, we are giving you open spaces which are never heard of, a beautiful green view which is a real luxury in this part of the world and trees and air purifier systems and yoga grounds and sunbathing grounds. And basically, you know, focus on the details of our day-to-day lives, which nobody does. Yes, we can create a fancy clubhouse we have to but what is more important is the daily things that you do; the food that you eat, the water that you drink, how you segregate your waste, how’s your daily lifestyle, the amount of Vitamin D you get that is pretty much what this Gulshan Dynasty is focused all about.

PR: How many units are there in Dynasty?

YN: It’s 204 units and 198 are of one size and there are six duplex penthouses which are absolutely exclusive.

PR: What’s the price at which you are selling right now?


YN: Our price is Rs 9,000 per square feet and, yeah, we are pretty certain it is increasing very soon.

PR: What about the three deliveries your company is about to give?

YN: The biggest part that I want to highlight here is that at the time when the industry was on the standstill, the best of brands were out of labour, the labourers had left them, the finances or whatever crunches had topped, the constructions were stopped, at that very moment we are delivering our three under-construction projects which in itself is such a big statement. It just shows the kind of strength we have and the credibility we’ve been having. So, all the customers who have been waiting for their dream homes and are worried that when the pandemic is going to end, we are giving them a big sigh of relief. We are very grateful and proud of ourselves a little bit that we focused on only and only construction.

PR: When is the completion of One29?

YN: The project is going to be completed in the next six months. We have already started. We’ve already finished the sixth floor of the multiplex and now we are constructing the office space. In the next three months we should attain the finishing stages of that.


PR: Are there retail and office spaces?

YN: Yes!

PR: Any big brands that you would like to reveal?

YN: Not yet! I won’t reveal them because I haven’t signed many of them. But yes, the cinema brand design for the Inox and they will be coming here with six screens.

PR: And are their going to be serviced apartments also?


YN: Absolutely not! Its retail and offices, that’s it. And you must know that our own cooperate office is going to shift in One29. Now, we will also be sitting on Noida Expressway.