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Halonix launches ‘All Rounder Bulb’ with three wattage options in one bulb


New Delhi, 2nd November 2019: Halonix has unveiled one-of-a-kind ‘All Rounder Bulb’ that allows the consumer to adjust the light in the room as per their need. A game-changer in the lighting industry, Halonix Prime All Rounder Bulb offers three wattage options: 15-Watt, 8-Watt and 0.5-Watt in a single bulb. You can easily switch from one wattage to the other by switching off and switching on the light switch in quick succession. This allows for the consumer to choose the right amount of ambient lighting while performing different activities during different time the day.

For example while reading the consumers require bright light ambience and for this they can simply adjust the wattage of Halonix Prime All Rounder Bulb to 15-Watt option.  While watching TV or having dinner or simply to set the right mood when they sit together with their family members they can adjust the wattage of Halonix Prime All Rounder Bulb to 8-Watt option to get softer lighting. Similarly to enjoy a comfortable and restful night sleep or to watch a movie on TV they can simply adjust the wattage of Halonix Prime All Rounder Bulb to 0.5 Watt to get gentle yellow light.

Another most important USP of this pioneering bulb is that it can be conveniently fitted on the existing bulb holders. Along with creating perfect mood and ambience for different activities, Halonix Prime All Rounder Bulb also conserves energy even as it gives consumers the option to adjust the light to their needs.  Priced at an MRP of Rs-249/- only, Halonix Prime All Rounder Bulb is available in all the leading electrical stores across the country.

While launching Halonix Prime All Rounder Bulb, Mr. Rakesh Zutshi, Managing Director, Halonix Technologies Private Limited said, “Driven by our quest for developing innovations that are very relevant to India, we have developed the Halonix All Rounder bulb. Our consumer research highlighted the fact that most Indian homes had one/two light points in most rooms but their lighting needs were much more. This led our innovation team to create this simple to use but highly relevant innovation.”

With one of the widest range of products across LED, Luminaries, Home Lighting, Commercial & Industrial Lighting, Street Lighting, Flood Lighting, Halogens and High Intensity discharge Lamps among others, Halonix is one of the largest players in the LED lighting segment in the country.