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Halonix launches ‘Shield Fire Alarm’

3D Mockup

New Delhi, December 17, 2021: Halonix Technologies on Thursday announced launch of “Plug & Use Fire Alarm” under its sub-brand, ‘Halonix Shield.’ The “Halonix Shield Fire Alarm” is proficient in detecting smoke apart from carbon monoxide, LPG, methane and hydrogen gases and uses a loud alarm to alert the users to any fire or gas leak.

Halonix Shield Fire Alarm comes with a simple design that can easily fit into an ordinary bulb holder. The users are just required to install the Halonix Shield Fire Alarm in the bulb holder and switch it on. The Fire Alarm will be in set-up mode for first two minutes and the red-light indicator on the device will glow continuously. After initial startup mode, the red-light indicator will start to blink after fixed time interval indicating a successful set-up. After this no further action is required. Halonix Shield Fire Alarm sets off only when the smoke exceeds the preset value.

Mr. Rakesh

On the launch Rakesh Zutshi, Managing Director, Halonix Technologies Pvt Ltd said, “Through our consumer research, we realised that most people do not have a fire alarm at home, at their shops or in small offices as it is difficult to install and can be relatively expensive. However, with our plug & play Fire Alarm which can be used conveniently by simply plugging it into a bulb holder, we have addressed both the issues and are happy that Halonix will empower more and more people to protect their loved ones and their assets from the ravaging effects of fire at a nominal price.”

The product is priced at of Rs-799/- MRP.