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Haute Monde launches its first flagship store in NCR

Haute Monde

Noida, September 03, 2016Haute Monde, a premium luxury leather furniture brand announced the launch of its first flagship retail outlet in NCR. Spread over 15,000 sq. ft., the outlet houses an array of home-décor products from furniture to accessories and accent pieces, unparalleled in their diversity & uniqueness.

Haute Monde, a French word, when translated to English loosely means ‘Fashionable Society’. When translated to Home Décor, it means innovative handcrafted leather products & artifacts which give luxury, design & functionality the living space they always desired.

It began in 1988 when Mr. Bashir Ahmed Haroon established Falcon and gave the world a taste of the possibilities in leather and furniture that nothing but sheer passion can bring forth.

Now after 3 decades,  Shazia Bashir is all set to carry forward the legacy with a new zeal with Haute Monde. Coming from solid indian roots but having an international approach, HM has been a leader in handmade leather products & artifacts. Whatever you desire, we bring to life!

The Haute Monde store at D-1 Sector 10 in Noida, U.P. was both a challenge and a pleasure to design. Guided by Ms. Nazia Bashir, Jt. director HM, the team converted the challenge to a marvel in interior decor and living.


The first floor is designed to exude contemporary elegance, it is also flourished with some old world charm. From the minimal white pearlised finishes on the walls to the use of high polish Stainless Steel, geometric columns to interesting niches and coves on the ceiling , everything spells modern, contemporary and classic.

The second floor is an eclectic mix of fashion and luxury. Shades of grey on the walls accentuate the darker hues of black on the fixtures.

Chains, pipes, exposed brick walls and an open ceiling lend a rustic yet fashionable backdrop to the modern industrial look. Use of ingenious materials like used-crates, rope curtains and homemade light fixtures marry the luxury of high-end leather furniture to the simplicity of everyday objects beautifully.

As one elevates to the third or ‘top’ floor, one also senses an elevation in design and classical elegance. Designed keeping Georgian themes in mind, the top floor represents the grandeur of the Old…with its muted Colors and molded walls. However it also houses a modern all-glass-wall island in its midst, equipped with all the latest that technology has to offer. This ‘zone’ acts as an interactive space between the designers and the curators/connoisseurs of Home Decor & Living Spaces. The island is full of design inspiration, swatches and samples, books and ideas and a view that helps bring it all together…The New and The Old.

Endeavoring to deliver to the discerning consumers who are scouting for uniqueness & personalisation in home décor solutions, HM is a one stop solution from small leather pen holders to a beautiful living room concept, the store shall provide the best in life style & luxury.


At HM, we believe that style without utility is shallow & utility without style mundane. Embodying this philosophy, Mr. Sham Sunder Singh designer par excellence who has been working with the present company for the last one & a half decade, leads the design team to create Objects d’ Art that finds its place in your homes and hearts. Designs that may be cherished for generations.

Also present at the occasion was Mr. Rajvir Handa, the Brand Advisor who has more than 3 decades of retail & marketing experience under his belt.

Gracing the occasion, Ms Shazia Bashir, Director HM said, “I am delighted to unveil and first store in Noida catering to the discerning connoisseurs of luxury & design. We look forward to setting a new benchmark in the luxury home décor sector. HM endeavors to redefine spaces with inspirational furniture that integrates classic, traditional yet modern lifestyles.