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Healing of Vastu Defect

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Vastu Shastra is basically a Vedic Science which emerged with Astrology. Vastu has specific connection with Astrology and Numerology too. With the birth of any individual, a few numbers interface with him. For instance, number of his date of birth, hour at the season of conception and spot of birth etc. On the premise of every one of these elements, one can make the numerological and astrological computations.

On the premise of karmic hypothesis of Bhagvad Gita as started by master Krishna, we will find that whatever date you have for your introduction to the world in this life, has been acquired on the premise of the Karmas of the individual in which each number has its own particular criteria.

Here, under the Grid System, each number happening in the individual’s date of conception has been appeared in the square. At the point when every single such number have been set at their settled spots, a few squares stay clear and these clear spaces demonstrate to us the methods for driving and carrying on with the present life.

According to Vastushastra, all directions of the universe are ruled by a particular planet among the Nav-Graha (Nine Planet). In our sacred texts (Shastras),there are nine Yantras (Amulets) of nine different planets. All the nine amulets are used as per the individual horoscope and as respects the Vastu Defects in the place of a specific individual. We can discover the same on the premise of the dates of birth of the individual concerned and his or her life partner on the premise of the mentioned Yantra, in which the whole of the numbers from every course comes to a particular number. So as to discover the significant Vastu Defects, at first we should need to place every single number of the date of birth, in the previously stated Yantra. On the off chance that

some number of the Sun amulet doesn’t happen in the date of conception, we leave that place clear. Clear space will let us know about the Home Vastu Fault of the individual concerned and medicinal measures will betaken in like manner. Houses are the benefits of life, building a house or acquiring a house is a lifetime accomplishment. As a house is a spot where we abide, rather is living space where we oblige and secure the future for our posterity. Houses can be changed over into homes by the guide of vastu shastra. As homes are not just been made by dividers and rooftop, rather a house is attempted by endeavors and affections. One can take after the moral implicit rules made by “Vastu Shilpi” to improve home conditions. Nowadays the properties are by and large for the sake of both spouse and wife, accordingly, they might supplement one another insufficiency. Vastu Grid appears in respect to what might be the Vastu Defects in the house as per the bearing and subsequent to distinguishing the same therapeutic measures might likewise betaken.


According to Amulets Laws of Vastu Shastra one can discover the accompanying Defects:

North Direction: A Vastu Defect in the north may create hurdles in education sector, financial losses in the business, defects in speech, throat problems, neurological problems, teeth problems, epilepsy or nasal diseases and confusion etc.

East Direction: Vastu Defect in the east direction indicates the lack of cordial relation between the son and the father. There may be some problems in Government job or punishment from the Government, eye diseases, headache, heart ailments, skin diseases or jaundice etc.

West Direction: If there is Vastu Defect in the west, one may face problems from his servants, problems in his career and effects of evil spirits, wind problems, paralysis, small pox, backbone or leg problems along with leprosy etc.

South Direction: A Vastu Defect in South direction may create short-tempered nature, bone related defects, frequent accidents, blood problems,
leprosy, high blood pressure etc. Even the relations with one’s brothers or sisters do not remain cordial.


North-East Direction: A defect in the north-east do not help in his meditation and fall in the family income, resulting in the loss of money in hand, delayed marriages, deliveries, stomach problems, ear problems, constipation and sleeplessness etc. North-West Direction: A Vastu Defect in this direction, obstructs cordial relation with one’s own mother accompanied by mental problems, sleeplessness, cough and cold, urinary diseases, menstrual disorders, stone or pneu monia etc.

South-East Direction: A Vastu defect in this direction does not allow cordial relations with spouse. Couples may face failures in love relations, problems from the vehicles, loss of interest in one’s own adorning, hernia, diabetes, urinary and semen problems and disease relating to uterus.

South-West Direction: If there is a Vastu Defect in this direction, it will invite problems from one’s own grandfather or maternal grandfather, ego problem or fear from the evil spirits, skin diseases, blood problems, mental diseases, small pox, cholera etc.

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