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Herbal garden, zoo at Biodiversity Park in Haryana

The Haryana Government on Friday announced formulation of a master plan to preserve the forest areas in seven districts.

State Environment Minister Captain Abhimanyu said that the Aravalli Biodiversity Master Plan will be soon prepared, the funding for which will be increased by ` 10 crore.

The Minister said, “Our Government is committed to protecting the environment, keeping in mind the acute water crisis that we are facing”

The project to be initiated in over 300 villages, will be the largest such project in the Aravallis after the one in 1990-99 that included over 40,000 hectares of plantation and eco-restoration.

With the addition of ` 10 crore to the existing fund of ` 20 crore in the Municipal Corporation of Gurgaon budget, an herbal garden may come up in the park.


Captain Abhimanyu said, “We will provide funding for its beautification and development so that more residents are attracted to it.” He further that eventually plans may also be made to turn it into a zoo.