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Hero Homes’ Tech Yoga on International Yoga Day

Hero Homes, organized a Yoga session at its residential apartments in locations like Delhi NCR, Mohali, Haridwar, Ludhiana. 

Hero Homes curated a virtual Yoga session for its employees in Delhi NCR and special arrangements were made at their Ludhiana, Delhi NCR , Mohali, and Haridwar workstations as well to prompt and adopt Yoga which facilitates holistic living experience. The Hero Group also set a wonderful example by assimilating the use of technology as a means to teach yoga by onsite trainers.

Dharmesh Shah, CEO, Hero Homes said, “India has a rich ancient heritage with Yoga, Meditation, and Ayurvedic science being at the top of the offerings that have done a great service to the world, since time Immemorial. Yoga does not only help in curing diseases but also strengthens our spiritual muscles and mental resilience to keep a sangfroid attitude in the face of troubling times. It is a spiritual gem that should be proudly inculcated in our daily lives.”