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Highbar Technocrat Unveils Innovative Digital Document Management Solution For The Construction Industry


New Delhi, September 18, 2019: Highbar Technocrat Limited, a leading end-to-end Information Technology (IT) solutions provider for the real estate, infrastructure & construction industry with a global footprint, has added another jewel to its offerings portfolio with the launch of Digital Document Management Solution (DDMS) for the highly document intensive construction industry.

The solution enables storage of business-critical documents electronically in a highly secured environment to ensure a swift and orderly retrieval of them. The documents can be accessed from anywhere from across the globe on mobile platforms resulting in enhanced business efficiency and better streamlining of business processes.

Construction and Infrastructure oriented organizations have to manage a host of critical  documents including project blueprints, contract documents, legal documents, correspondence, taxation, legal, power-of-attorney, bank guarantees etc.

Filing of physical documents consumes productive hours of the workforce and also makes retrieval of documents a very challenging task. Furthermore, physical storage of documents also makes them vulnerable to damage due to ageing and accidental damage.

Highbar Technocrat’s DDMS stores business-critical documents in a centrally located data centre in the form of scanned copies of paper documents, Word/ Excel/ Powerpoint/ AutoCAD files or any other digital format, with intelligent tagging to enable quick retrieval when needed.


‘’Highbar Technocrat Ltd. is committed to be at the forefront of the digital transformation journey of the construction industry by offering strategic solutions which integrate people, processes and data for competitive advantage. Our DDMS solution in this regard eliminates the inefficiencies associated with paper-based filing, ensuring enhanced operational efficiency and productivity in a paperless environment, besides ensuring security of critical documents’’ said Mr. Ashok Wani, Head – Technology & Innovation , Highbar Technocrat Limited.

The solution also empowers an organization with different layers of authorization to access the documents ensuring confidentiality between different departments. Employees can perform file organization in bulk with an intuitive interface that the DDMS offers, which enables category-wise filtering.