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Horizon Concept offers ‘Hangout Swimming Pool


ORIZZONTERealty major Horizon Concept is offering “Hangout Swimming Pool” first of its kind in India in its fully serviced apartments and retail complex, located in the bustling commercial hub of Knowledge Park 3, Greater Noida. A premier center for establishment of educational institutions, research and development facilities and IT companies.

These apartments are unique in architectural splendor and futuristic in design. It offers state-of-the-art living and commercial opportunity that is comparable to the best in the country.

Suninder Sandha, director, Horizon Concept says, “Orizzonte comes with a complete package of luxury and exclusivity. This project has so many unseen features and fascinatingly it will come on very competitive price. The main USP of this project is the hanging pool; just imagine the view of a beautiful pool deck as you swim in the air. The architectural superiority of the complex is only surpassed by its attention to detail in every aspect. All that you can imagine all that you love. You will find within the boundary of this self-sustaining ecosystem.”

Hangout is India’s first hanging swimming pool, surrounded by nature friendly environment and serene surroundings. Hanging pool allow swimmers to soak in the beautiful scenic view around them. This architectural marvel has broken new ground in innovation. The project has every amenity that is synonymous with luxurious living. The apartments are well adorned with luxurious interiors, which creates pleasing ambience, suitable for comfortable living.