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Horoscopes of August- September 2015

Bejan Daruwalla


You will finally have an easier time. Practical matters will come to the forefront. There may be temporary cash-flow problems but never such that you cannot cope. You will be pragmatic and level-headed in your approach to work, profession or business.


Venus grants you enjoyment of all the pleasures of the senses. Family values and financial transactions will both be important. Artists, painters, connoisseurs and
critics will be helped, in fact, all those who like to enjoy life. And who doesn’t, asks Ganesha.



Employment is the name ofthe game this period. Hard work is necessary, but the just rewards will also come, and that’s a wonderful incentive. Along with job satisfaction will be the satisfaction of doing your duty and making others happy.


The moon influences your emotions and passions, making you ardent and romantic. You will be brimming with vigour and confidence, ready to take on the world. Travel, meetings with foreigners, tourists and even relatives are likely. You could even be playing host.


You will be inventive and ingenious but also restless and introspective. Opportunities to make money will arise. Distant places may play an important part. You will cover a lot of territory and people. Spiritualism can prove to be both, a strong force and a strong interest in your life.



It’s the right time, now and finally, for making a lot of headway through communication, contacts, study and research, and also travel. A readiness to take chances will yield results, but Ganesha warns you not to get trigger happy and careless. All the trends of the preceding period are in sharp focus now.


You will carry on the good work and complete pending assignments. You can be inspired to bouts of brilliant activity. The trick is to sustain it. Some projects taken up now may, of course, take years to complete, but in this period, you will be able to get things moving. Both adventure and good luck are foretold by Ganesha.



You will be dynamic and exceptionally ambitious. Money will flow in and promotion or a job-switch is probable. You will need to weigh up pros and cons because ultimately the final decision is yours, not the astrologer’s, advises Ganesha sagely.


This period falls in your own sign by Western Astrology. It will make the whole period a time of warmth and personal bonding. Especially so, with family, relatives, parents and in-laws! Family gatherings, homage to ancestors and religious rites are all likely.


Mars accelerates and strengthens all the trends fore told for the last period. The impact of all this will be experienced. The emphasis is strongly on travel, communication and the home, all three in practically equal measure, under the combined influence of Mars and Venus.



Care and tending ofthe home will be in strong focus both this period and the next. Right from buying or acquiring to re-doing and painting, even a house-warming party, all come within this bracket. In fact, your office may be a second home, or you may also get a home away from home.


You will continue to devote considerable time and energy to your home / office. They may, in fact, be combined together as I’ve already indicated in the previous forecast. Also, your relationships with people will be important, along with changes of making somewhat more money.