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Horoscopes of February- March 2015

Bejan Daruwalla

This is the time for romance. There will be lovely moments with your beloved. Try to be loyal and appreciative and true to your love. Dream, if you will, of the moment. True love will help you discover yourself as your thoughts will create a powerful emotional state which you will acknowledge and respond to. The finances are sound and comfortable. There will be buying and selling and you will be inclined to spend extravagantly. There could be good news for those expecting a child. Ganesha promises many good times, too.

This will be a good time for you to deal with old accounts, settle scores or check the status of your joint accounts. It is a time for new beginnings. Relocating may be a positive move because all change is ultimately for the better. The universe is in a constant state of change and resisting change can and should be avoided at all costs, since this is not the time to be stuck in a rut. You may need to take a loan for expansion or at home.

You will be blessed with abundance. It’s a time to cash-in and treat yourself to a good time. A vacation with the family may become areal possibility. There will also be profitable travel. You may even see yourself promoting ecological awareness by contributing to an organisation that works for the environment. Even in your domestic setup, you will promote greater awareness, better living habits. Ganesha is pleased with you.

You are going through an experimental phase in order to identify your true strengths. This is crucial to your development. But you are in the process of determining the things that matter most. You have the ability to get things done and don’t want to be lost in the crowd. You are
determined to be a leader in your chosen field. Travel is a natural extension to the pursuit of knowledge and you will be travelling for work and pleasure. You will get assistance from different quarters and family life will be comfortable.

This is a period during which there will be both more money and more love. The stars align themselves to usher a period of intense passion and love. Your popularity will soar, there will be new romantic interests and your family, staff and co workers are left feeling that you are a true value addition to their lives. There is quality travel, too, on the cards. There may be the danger of fires, accidents or some kind of unhappy twist in fate but you will be able to negotiate the worst.


Pluto continues to be in your 5th angle. This means that the pay packet will get heavier, the big promotion is lurking around the corner, and you will climb the ladder of success really fast. You may feel all this starting to happen this period. You will multi-taskand balance a variety of needs and goals. You will achieve much and gain a lot of respect. There will be applause, perks and the goodies of life coming to you in plenty. You relish it all and bask in the glory.

You are now experiencing uncertainties and doubts about your future. There are innumerable obstacles confronting you and it is difficult to stay focused. There may be unsettling domestic issues or health problems like a miscarriage in the family and all this can be most upsetting. Take time off to relax and meditate and allow negative thoughts to flow out. Remember that change is the only constant and obstacles are necessary for success, happiness and growth. Obstacles are challenges and as you find ways to overcome.,them, you grow.

You begin to realise that you are extremely lucky and gifted and thank the lord for it. You will muster the courage to make the sacrifices required to pursue your dreams. You get disciplined and streamlined. For example, if you are a singer you will give up smoking to increase your vocal range. You may even taste international success and will have the guts to be able to make the sacrifices. Don’t be insecure or sacred about spreading your wings. Remember that no one has it all and sacrifices have to be made. To get something, you have to lose something else.

This is a time-to-time and reconciliation. You are thinking it in a positive way and notice that you are connecting with people who are doing the same thing. There is some misfortune heading your way, but you are prepared to take it full-on. There is some exciting travel on the cards, possibly a cruise to an unseen destination, a dreamy boat ride down the backwaters, or even a breath taking road trip. There will be many experiences and you will gain a lot from it. Perhaps even financially you may be rearranging your closet or cupboard.

You have been able to reflect your past and identify a pattern of behaviour that you know is not good for you. But you are as stubborn as ever and are not willing to change. You let your heart make all your decisions and they could be wrong most of the time, as they will subjective. Your intuition will also tell you to distance yourself from certain people, projects and preoccupations. Pay attention; it is in your interests to heed
all warning signs. This is a good time for your career and the right time to give full scope to your individual strengths.


There has been a tremendous change in your outlook. You understand a little more about the power that you have within you. There will be a lot of entertaining in this phase and you will be making many new contacts. You will again appreciation for your hospitality and charm and wit and be
the soul of the party. There will also be some restructuring at work and you will look at many new areas for improvement and progress. When something doesn’t work, you try another tack.

The 3 P’s – Promotion, profits and prestige are at the core of this period. You involve yourself with initiatives that empower you to forge ahead. A significant rise in energy levels translates into long, productive hours at work. For those in the media, in particular, brand- building, media planning, and profit maximisation become primary concerns. learn to get along with people of all hues. This is not the time for resentments or anger that has been buried for a long time. Try to open up and express your feelings.

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