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Horoscopes of July 2015

Bejan Daruwalla

It’s time now to push with all you’ve got. It’s time to exercise your skills at wheeling and dealing, diplomacy, even be devious and crafty if the occasion demands it.
You will certainly need to be a tough negotiator to outwit your enemies / rivals who are waiting for you to slip up. The thrust of all this will naturally, be money.

You will experience a release from tensions, relief from care, under the influence of Venus. Your work, actions, emotions will be benefit. Better health, too and more
rest. You will be able to deal better with added responsibilities and more fun and games, more laughter, more love. PR exercises, meets, conferences, seminars, will be handled with confidence and panache.

Courage and resourcefulness will be your middle names this period. Ambition to the extent of being an obsession will be yours, too. You must take care not to let it
degenerate into mere aggression. Ganesha advises you to soften up a little, be less pushy or less demanding, especially with family and loved ones, subordinates and
colleagues. Parents and elderly relatives have an important role.

A pole-vault in your career/business/profession is almostdefinite. What’s to be controlled is howyou handle it. Once again, a tendency to aggression has to be curbed. Softpedalling, particularly with children, will stand you in good stead.

You will be on thefasttrack. Wish-fulfillment and truly getting places are foretold. Also, the birth or conception of a child is a definite possibility (I may be
wrong there – the ultimate decision is yours!) New ventures will be successfully launched, existing ones will bring gains. Opposition to plans will dwindle away.


Matters of the SPIrit, the other world, of higher learning and metaphysics, even tantra and mantra, if so inclined, will draw you. Also, a good time for innovations, inventions, electronics and super-computers. You may take on extra work. Journeys and travel are a result of work, or could be triggered off by your inner restlessness.

Once again you are searching within for spiritual riches even as you go all out to cope with and win in the material world. Communication will be the buzzword at this point. Anything to do with house/ home right from buying to redoing will claim your attention. Supernatural forces seem to control you at this time.

The inner world is reconciled with the outer now. You seem to be receiving diving guidance as you make the right moves, get things done, handle people with finesse and sympathy. Your status and prestige will register and increase.

Management will be your forte now-investing new techniques and skills, perhaps even organising meets and functions. You will be more productive, more hardworking, with infinitely better health.Sport, outings, hobbies and children all keep youbusy but happily so. Ties, bonds, relationships and marriage are all favoured, too. A good phase,comments Ganesha

You will learn to manoeuvre and negotiate to get to the heap, even use secret contacts and connections. It’s a good time for journeys and collaboration, and surprisingly, also for conspiracies, behind-the-scene activities and string pulling. Projects started at the beginning of the year are happily concluded and personal
affairs come full circle.


Once again travel and journeys are favoured. They may even be journeys of the mind. Religious rites, ceremonies, education and research, foreign connections, are all
favoured. It is a fun time to inter face with others. My pet phrase – “reaching out to people and places” sums it all up. Neptune finds out fulfilled in several ways.

Children and home, amusements and recreation. Hobbies and money-generating activities all come together and blend into a beautiful whole for you. You are in a phase that yields not only profit but much pleasure, with the grace of Ganesha and that’s a wonderful feeling. It is, therefore, in any upbeat mood that you look at the year.