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Horoscopes of May 2015

Bejan Daruwalla


Ganesha says there are many gains this fine month. Glamour, festivities, fun times, money, the realisation of hopes and wishes power you ahead. There is also socialising, entertaining and the enjoyment of true friendship. There could be love, romance, passion and great companionship.


There is overall progress but it could come with roadblocks. You work hard to get over the boulders; Ganesha gives you the much-neededstrength. There could be delays, expenses, travel, and health issues. You surmount it all.



This month could be a roller coaster ride. You see many sides of life. Nothing comes easy, but there is Ganesha’s grace and you zoom ahead. Health gets better and there is more bonding at home. There are monetary gains.


This is the time for acquisitions and extravagance. There are many expenses. You maygo overboard. Life is calling and you have tobe ready for the dance. Ganesha watches over you as you indulge in luxury purchases.


You are filled with new ideas. You reach out to all. The main focus is on contacts, communications, contracts and gains. There are also fresh new techniques, skills and projects. You exhibit brilliance and manage to out shine your rivals.



The highlight is on new work opportunities and the do mesticscene. Relatives, parents, in-laws and guests drop by. The focus will shift to assets, valuables and other domestic concerns. You look for money and honey, and possibly get both.


There are many irons in the fire. Good luck follows you like a hound. You are busy with children and creativity, hobbies, travel and journeys, ceremonies and celebrations. Ganesha sees to it that you are on top of the heap.



There may be health issues you need to deal with for both, yourself and your family. There could also be problems at work with colleagues and co-workers. Ganesha asks you to firm up and meet the challenges head on. This will make you a better person.


You display hope, optimism, courage and determination to get where you want to. This is the month of love and hate and many new bonds. New associations bring joy. You are enveloped by Ganesha’s grace. The year is ending well by all accounts. You look ahead with enthusiasm.


The focus is on inheritance and family issues. There will be money matters and health problems that require thought and attention. You will meet new people and make profitable contacts. Beware of deceit.



The highlight is travel, journeys, distant connections, pilgrimages, higher education, spirituality, tantra and mantra, research and new skills. Vistas suddenly open up. Ganesha gives you an enjoyable time.


There will be domestic issues and health problems to deal with. There will be rituals and celebrations for the loving, the living and the dead. There is also prestige and power in this significant period.