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Horoscopes of October- November 2015

Bejan Daruwalla

Ganesha says once again let me talk of wisdom, higher learning, spiritual leanings. These are most important to you, and for you, this period. Also ideas and vision, inspirational moves and manoeuvres, ceremony and planning and long—distance connections. You may be justified in saying, “Have you left anything out?” with heavy sarcasm, but that’s the astro—message from this Ganesha acolyte.


The heat will be on, both literally and figuratively. Envy, jealousy, rivalry and competition if not opposition will have to be dealt with. But overcome and survive you definitely will. Prestige, status and honour will be important this period. Ambition, progress or regress, popularity and personal credit—ratings, ties and duties will all occupy and preoccupy you. Performance and personal ambition and achievement will be vital considerations.


This period may well prove to be your gold period, in many ways. Attachments, ties, group activities will be enhanced. The cash —flow may well improve, and that, too, suddenly and unexpectedly. Attachments may easily include affairs of the heart, romance, even an extramarital liaison, if that be the way it goes for you. It’s time to collect on favours done in the past, exercise tact, discretion and diplomatic flair. Ganesha tells me you may get exactly what you want. And how many of us can have that to look forward to?



Your pocket’s may be empty and your heart rather sore at this point of time, but you will hold your own. Introspection, self —analysis and soul searching are the order of the day. A possibility ofill health may turn your orientation towards healing, Reiki, alternative lifestyles. Mood fluctuations may have to be dealt with, but with your own intuitive, even psychic insights, you ride out the storm.


This period definitely is a messenger of hope. Better times are ahead, and the hard times well and truly over. It’s been a long haul, but you will find that your honour and esteem will soon be fully restored. You are assertive and self—confident, but no aggression, please. That’s not, and never was your way. Your personal outlook on the world will be coloured by confidence and vitality and this will yield a rich harvest of “mellow fruitfulness.”



The turnaround effect in this period is completed. Ganesha says you will for gold and glory. I interpret and elaborate this to mean family ties, much better health and much more than money than a mere increase in income. The three Cs of contacts, communications and contracts are pulled strongly in your favour this period as well. Much has come your way as Lord Ganesha’s largesse.

The period will end beautifully with a culmination of the trends of the last period this time. You are home and dry, in several ways. Mental stimulation, the sparking off of new ideas, dimensions and vistas is an added bonus. It will not surprise you that the house and home are even more firmly entrenched, even more important to your psyche now.


The focus is definitely, but definitely, on money. If Ganesha comes, can Lakshmi be far behind? Buying / selling / funding /joint –finances/ legacy/ taxes and revenue / perhaps even public funds. There is the danger of a terrible financial muddle to be warded off, so think carefully before making financial and other commitments. There is, equally, the hazard of ill health. It may even be both.



The theme is most definitely CONTACTS AND COMMUNICATIONS. There is a wedding in the offing –yours or that of someone close to you. By contacts, I might well mean knowing the right people, and also using them well. And communication will include all or some of –publicity, PR, ads and distribution, sales and commission, even information technology and teaching. The hows and whys will depend on your individual situation in life, of course.


Ganesha makes you wiser, stronger and brighter this period. Health hazards may surface and have to be coped with. If you can display your charm and tact, you will get along famously with subordinates, colleagues, even the big boss himself/ herself. Your ability to cope with, in fact work well, under pressure will be put to the test. The theme of children, home and creative pursuits will continue well in this period as well.


In continuation with this period is the matching theme of house, home, renovation and decoration. In a nutshell, it is in this period that you gear up getting more leeway, more freedom, room to manoeuvre, be yourself, do your own thing. It gives you a chance to have your own space, even indulge in personal interests, leisure pursuits and hobbies, research and study, if so inclined, think of vacations, children and family. You will definitely be making plans for the future, perhaps even begetting or rearing children.



“There’s no place like home,” or “Home, home, at last,” may well be your refrain this period, says Ganesha. Relations with parents and family, including in-laws, domestic affairs and the neighbourhood are strongly emphasised. Office and work will also make their own demands on you. You will achieve the maximum amount by displaying cheerfulness and warmth in your dealings and by avoiding the seeking of showdowns and stirring up trouble unnecessarily. A change of ambience (may even be renovation, decoration, alterations in the home)is very likely, so also a stroke of luck.