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Horoscopes of September- October 2015

Bejan Daruwalla


Ganesha says Saturn will find you in a contemplative mood of introspection. There are bound to be sky high expenses, overseas connections and human relationships developing. Also care of the sick in mind and body. Once again, journeys, liaisons and rendezvous ).


You will burst open like a monsoon downpour – and like the rain, enrich the earth and nourish it. Contracts, deeds and documents, meets, interviews and tests, solving puzzles, games requiring tests of intelligence. Here you will display not only patience but flashes of brilliant intuition and even sheer genius.



It is transport and communication time. Once again a time to put your ideas across the table, or even across the title world/globe. If interested in or inclined towards TV broadcasts, seminars and conferences, drama and acting, being on a public platform, it will be a wonderful time for you.


You will find yourself close in spirit and emotions not only to your spouse/mate/partner, but also to people in general. You may form or break off a new relationship. Your creativity will soar, journeys with a stopover and landing plum new assignments are all likely. Thus, says Ganesha – people and places.


Matters to honour, prestige, status, reputation and work/profession will be uppermost in your mind. In this context you will not only give of your best, but also put yourself out to such anextent that rest and health safeguards will become imperative. Money will, thankfully, pose no problems – it is relaxation that will be in short supply.



The personal and financial angle is emphasised strongly by the new moon. Children, creativity and news and views all receive a great boost. People will reach out to you and you will be in great demand both socially and professionally, and you will feel yourself vibrating with life, pulsating with energy.

The home and family theme of the last period will persist. In addition anything to do with land and development will be important. Also likely is a home away from home, a second property or holiday home. Sudden changes and developments may occur.


The 3Fs of finances, family and funds get a mighty boost. So also your spirits, your zest for life! You will be on a social merry-go-round, with functions, meets, conferences, visits, fun at parties and picnics, all coming your way. You will have plenty of fun, and gain from it, too.



Group activity will continue, but work and financial affairs may see a slowing down, or some snags and hassles. It’s a good time to marry—there is a strong likelihood of it, anyway. I hope I’m not proved wrong on this!


You are again full of energy, go and enthusiasm. The artistic side of your nature will shine forth, thus the spheres of acting, parenting, investigative journalism, advertising, entertainment and love, all get a tremendous and almighty boost. You will display much finesse and subtlety and win many plaudits.



You will be in a mood that is both sentimental and nostalgic. You will live simultaneously in the past, present and future. As the poet Shelley has said, “We look before and after, and pine for what is not.” That’s you, this period.


You will feel a little vulnerable, but that will make you more human and more lovable. Lots of action this period to draw you and of the blues — house and home, the domestic scene, children, journeys, spiritual journeys and meditation.