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How to Buy Property in a Hassle-Free Manner

By Sheeshram Yadav, Founder and Managing Director, TimesPro Consulting

Real estate assets are immovable properties, and investing in them are calculated risk. Any error of judgement or miscalculation can cause immense worry and displeasure to the buyers as they are highly capital intensive deals. But properties can also be bought hassle-free if due caution and proper examination of documents are carried out.

In the property buying process, buyers should not undermine the importance of legal advice and consultancy. With legal aid, buyers can scrutinise documents, execute a  comprehensive check of details, and make informed decisions. It reduces the chances of falling into the trappings of property scams and skulduggery. The decision-making gets easier, ensuring that the real estate investment brings a sense of security and dependability.

The flat purchase checklist is the first important thing to look at in the pre-property finalising period. It is to establish the information corollary related to the extant status of the title with the seller, the title’s nature and market feasibility and liquidity and the seller’s capability to deliver a marketable title devoid of any impediment or hurdles. Real estate experts have always argued that home buyers should do document history checks for the last 30 years maximum or at least of the past 12 years.

Verifying the identity of the seller is as crucial as cross-checking the property title details. It reaffirms buyers’ trust in the sellers’ credibility, advertently smoothening the property buying journey. Buyers must ascertain the nationality and residential status of the seller or a group of sellers if the real estate property is a joint venture. If it is on sale by the real estate group, then buyers should check the past delivery record, project dealings, and USPs of their projects and pay heed to customer feedback. It rectifies all doubts and suspicions and instils a cohesive and trustworthy relationship between the buyer and seller.

Hassle-free property buying also necessitates the need to scan and inspect the RERA compliant status, conversion and land-use permissions, construction approvals, occupancy certificates, and status of tax payments of properties. It acts as a sense of validation for buyers that every minute detail has been carefully observed and is in right place.

Irrespective of the prodigious extent of digitalisation that has crept into the real estate horizon, it is still advisable for buyers to do a thorough and extensive physical assessment of the property. A one-to-one survey is required to take any decision so that buyers are aware of the size of the residential plot, flat, amenities offered, the security levels etc.
Real estate investment is a big deal to millions of home buyers. Various laws and procedures have been crafted to ease and simplify the property buying process, much to buyers’ relief and convenience. Earlier buyers used to abstain from making property investments chagrined by the rigmarole and byzantine home buying procedures. Property investments are no more nerve-wracking but a prudent choice to ensure a well-maintained lifestyle for families and a frugal economic resourcing asset in times of financial crisis or distress.