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IDDI Investment to step up services in India to help HNIs

IDDI Investment

Geneva-based IDDI Investment, a project of Switzerland For You, is planning to step up its services in India significantly to help HNIs, businessmen and young entrepreneurs with investments in Switzerland as well as relocation.

According to a press release, IDDI Investment provides a 360-degree consultancy for legal, contractual, and banking services, the identification of target distressed companies in sectors such as renewable energy, pharma/biotech, artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, IT, and many more, all under one roof.

It offers possibilities to invest in real estate, joint ventures, and distressed companies in Switzerland, said Switzerland For You SA’s Founder and CEO Himanshu.

India has quite a good number of HNIs who have plans to invest in Switzerland, and several of them are considering relocation, said  Himanshu, who has been living and working in Switzerland for the last 13 years and has promoted three Swiss companies with business interests ranging from trading to financial service.

“Rich Indian entrepreneurs have been looking for residence in Europe and the US for quite some time now, but the rapid spread of COVID has prompted many more to explore residency in Europe as it offers better health facilities and good quality of life. We are a one-stop shop to assist clients by connecting them to the right professionals for all business and legal requirements in Switzerland. We work closely with banks, real estate agents, lawyers, notaries, tax experts and relocation agents to provide you with efficient services,” said the 45-year-old entrepreneur.


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