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Illuminating Future Smart Cities


Smart LED lighting is playing a major role in making the smart cities revolution a success. Apart from cutting energy costs, smart LED lights also help in making smart cities more efficient, cost-effective and safer.

Sameer Jindal, Vice President (Institutional Sales), Halonix Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

While any smart city needs to have well-connected data-based infrastructure system, smart LED lighting is another essential element for smooth functioning of different systems in it. In fact Smart LED lighting form an integral part of the smart cities development.

With a rising acknowledgement of the benefits they bring in like energy efficiency, seamless connectivity and much more, smart LED lighting system has become a major catalyst for the rapid development of smart cities all across the world. These lights are equally helpful in devising innovative ways to reduce carbon footprint through considerable saving of energy. As per an estimate by switching to smart LED lighting we can save 40% of total lighting energy required to illuminate a city.

Another important feature of Smart LED lights is that they allow the operators to control and monitor lights individually or in groups using light management systems and lighting controls enabled by internet of things (IoT).

With the help of IoT, smart street lighting platform is being created to help the upcoming smart cities facilitate safer traffic movement and better management of traffic and pedestrian movement patterns. IoT also enables automatic street light control throughout the year on the basis of sunrise and sunset time.


Among the other key features and advantages of Smart LED lights include Smart ON/OFF and dimming systems which reduces power consumption obviously due to effective automation of lights. Let us also analyse how Smart LED lights are the best fit in lighting systems of the smart cities. Since Smart LED lights are more interactive and have user friendly features they are apt for creating more responsive system for these cities. The Map view feature of smart LED street lights is helpful in accessing the live status of these lights over Google map and their open sensor interface allows addition of new sensors in the network.

Supplemented by digital networks and embedded sensors smart LED street lights are being instrumental in detecting traffic, air quality, crowds and noise in any specific location. Moreover real time data remains readily available at Smart LED lighting systems to detect faults, theft or dead lamps and in this way smart LED lights dramatically reduce their maintenance costs.

Especially Halonix is providing smart street lighting solutions in such a way that a user can control and monitor the individual street lights and the group of street lights remotely from any place in the world irrespective to the installation site of the street lights. Halonix has complete smart lighting solution for all the requirements of energy efficient street Lighting as well as Indoor Lighting as per the requirements under smart city.

Remotely controlled these smart LED lights also detect traffic congestion and track the availability of parking for seamless functioning of the transportation systems. To put in a nutshell, Smart LED lightings have become bedrock for Smart Cities development. Simultaneously the industry is also leveraging its significant potential to play a decisive role in enhancing quality of life and ensuring sustainability in future smart cities with producing state-of-the-art smart lighting products.