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In Reach 3 Roads, children learned money Management through an activity at Sodhi’s

Gurugram, July 22, 2022: At Reach 3 Roads, around 150 students from Kunskapsskolan International School from KG and 1st Grade completed their assignments at Sodhi’s Supermarket on July 20 and 21, 2022, respectively. Each child was given a set amount of money with which they could buy whatever they wanted from the store and then do the payment and calculations themselves. This activity will assist children in learning more about money management through self-directed shopping.

Commenting on the activity, Nandini Taneja, Vice President, Reach Group – stated,” Children need to be taught problem solving, thinking and analytics through money management and daily expenditure and hence all new age and modern schools are inculcating this through experiences. We made their overall experience more joyful by giving them this platform!!

 This exercise is extremely beneficial for the children because it will help them understand such an important life skill at such a young age.”