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India Residential Real Estate – Buyer Interest Profiling Report by ANAROCK

The service class in India is the dominant socio-economic segment and the primary homebuyer in this large nation. Post reforms and the pandemic, the markets have transitioned to be driven by end-users – prices remained range-bound, eliminating investors and speculators to a great extent.

A developing nation with rapid urbanization, rising nuclear families, and an increasing population are the most-suited ingredients for housing sector growth. ANAROCK Research delves into identifying the new trends among buyers and their preferences. The findings reveal evolving trends, which provide further insights to reinforce developer’s strategies in the future.

Key Findings:

  • Mid-to-high-end segment units are the most preferred; accounted for 79% of the total demand
  • Demand for 2 BHK units dominated the market with a 38% share, followed by 3 BHK units at 26% 
  • Service class buyers drive housing demand with a 68% share
  • Business class and professionals accounted for nearly 26% of the total housing demand
  • 90% of the Indian housing market is driven by end-users