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Invest Haryana-2017 Seeks Real Estate Regulator To Be Facilitator


Invest Haryana – a day long conference organized by NAREDCO Haryana here on Saturday has demanded an investor friendly and customer oriented real estate regulator that can act as a facilitator to effectively run real estate business transaction with optimum satisfaction to all customers that aspire to own houses in the State. 

It has also emphasized the need for reduction of stamp duty and also urged that if all states can have consensus for a uniform stamp duty on all real estate transactions as it will benefit all stakeholders in the supply value chain.

The Conference which was inaugurated by Finance Minister, Government of Haryana, Cap. Abhimanyu Singh in which its Parliamentary Affairs Minister, Mr. Ram Bilas Sharma was also present with Chairman, NAREDCO Haryana, Mr. Rajeev Talwar and its President, Mr. Parveen Jain collectively welcomed attempts for real estate regulator that can be fair and equitable to both developers and customers.

Cap. Abhimanyu Singh while appreciated the role of developers in and around NCR in making substantial contribution to increase GDP of State of Haryana, however, added that the developers should pay their dues to the State which amount to Rs.17,000 crores and have been pending for long.

He announced that the Government of Haryana would hurry up placement of GMDA as soon as possible so that developers and builders are not required to run to Chandigarh for taking various licences and approvals for real estate development in the State.


The Minister pointed out that developers should also focus on the development of other equally important towns of HARYANA which have not progressed, besides Gurugram and Faridabad.

Speaking on the occasion, ACS Finance and Planning, Mr. P Raghvendra Rao indicated that all possible attempts are being made for the enactment of RERA in the State and necessary consultations are on progress on this front.  This would make all real estate transactions in the state transparent and clean.

President, NAREDCO Haryana, Mr. Parveen Jain who presided over the Conference emphasized that the need for real estate regulator was felt necessary because some developers did not adhere to their promises in deliveries of houses to the intended lot and therefore, it is a welcome step.

According to him, the RERA would act as a real developer as also facilitate the real estate transaction in a clean and neat manner.

Vice President NAREDCO Haryana, Mr. Anil Suri promised expansion of NAREDCO in every nook and corner of the state to serve the developers and builders as also satisfy their clients.


The Day long convention witnessed over 300 delegates and 40 speakers including key real estate players Nirajan Hiranandani, President NAREDCO WEST, Mr Pradeep Aggarwal, CMD Signature Global Group, Mr Basant Bansal, Chairman M3M Group, Mr Daljit Singh, MD, AIPL and Mr Raj Singh Gehlot, CMD, Ambience Group, Navin Raheja, CMD Raheja Group etc.