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Investors Clinic Infratech’s new scheme


Investors Clinic Infratech Pvt. Ltd. on Wednesday launched its scheme in the real estate market for home buyers where now the cost of the flats will be completely interest free resulting in nearly 50 per cent lesser payout as compared to traditional home loans or prevalent subvention loan schemes.

According to a press release, the buyer will not have to pay any interest on the principal loan amount taken from the partner financial institution to buy the property and will have to pay back only the principal loan amount in 100 equal monthly installments. This equal monthly installment of the principal component is called Equal Principal Repayment (EPR).

Honey Katiyal, CEO, Investors Clinic Infratech Pvt. Ltd. said, “This is a very unique scheme for India and people all over the world. We have tied up with major names in real estate sector and financial sector to make it happen for the people of India. The best part is that you not only get interest free loan but also it has nothing to do with fluctuating interest rates.”

The ‘Byaaj Mukt Awas Yojna‘ has huge benefits on the cost saving part as a property of Rs. 50 lakh will cost over 1 crore after paying almost 100-120 per cent interest amount under the current popular schemes, whereas this scheme will let the buyer pay the amount equal to the cost of the property in 100 easy and EPRs.

Sunny Katyal, Director, Investors Clinic Infratech Pvt. Ltd., “This is a momentous occasion for home buyers around the nation as this scheme will boost the PM’s vision of Housing for All 2022. We are looking to sell over 60,000 units in the coming quarter.”


The scheme has partners from across the developer’s fraternity who are prominent names in their field like Aditya, H&S, Supertech, Ajnara, Lotus Greens, Jaypee Group and ABA Corp. The whole scheme is conceptualized by Investors Clinic and India Bulls are roped in as financial partners to begin with.