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Investors Clinic’s DUGNA Offer for commercial realty


Investors Clinic on September 22 launched ‘100 % Return – DUGNA Offer’ for real estate customers in the commercial segment.

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The scheme offers benefits to the area of the project chosen, based on the booking amount. If a consumer pays 30 pc as booking amount, the person will get 30 pc extra area of the total area booked of the property.

The company is offering anywhere between 25 – 45 percent additional space to customers in this scheme. The customer can choose to make the maximum down payment up to 45 pc and can get an additional space of 45 pc.

The innovative offer, said a press release, works on reverse calculation as the inventory sizes cannot be changed. Depending on the paid booking amount, paid area and extra area will be calculated. Thus the customer pays for less and gets more free area, it added.

Honeyy Katiyal

Speaking on the launch, Honeyy Katiyal, Founder, Investors Clinic, said, “Real estate is one of the most hit sectors during COVID-19, and innovation is the key to survive in the present market conditions. It was hence important to convert people who were holding investments.”


Reputed developers like Bhutani Infra, Supertech Ltd, and Migsun Group are participating in this scheme, according to the press release.