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Livve triples count of rental housing

Livve has tripled its count of houses to rent out over the last one year to almost 5,000.

According to a press release, Livve has brought about a massive change in the rental eco-space by offering tenants fully furnished houses with a zero-deposit model across various cities in the country.

Josy Mathew, Founder and CEO, said, “No longer will any tenant be turned down a safe and secure society living experience due to an owner’s prejudice and neither will they be financially burdened by it.”

Livve, which has so far raised about $6.5 million from various angel investors, straddles all business models—lease, franchise, and ‘managed’. It expects the managed and lease models to account for 60-65 per cent of its inventory in the next two to three years, said the release.

Today Livve offers an assured and reliable source of rental to owners who own a rental investment property and to tenants an extremely well-kept, safe and secure living option. It has partnerships with every premium builder brand in the country, added the release.