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Lotus Greens launches Green App to reduce carbon footprint

As part of its regular sustainability initiatives geared towards improving the ecological balance and minimising the impact on the environment, Lotus Greens has launched a Green App in the form of an online calculator that can track and measure your carbon footprint and suggest ways to reduce it.

A carbon footprint is the measurement of carbon dioxide that we put into the atmosphere while going about our daily routine. The carbon calculator can be accessed online at , and can also be downloaded from Google play store on your android phone.

“Our online carbon calculator is a small step to create awareness around carbon footprint . The launch of online calculator was accompanied by the release of a short animation film on global warming, which has now been viewed over 85,000 times on YouTube. The enthusiastic response to the video makes us believe that sustained long-term reduction of carbon footprint will be within our reach if we spread the word around,” said a company spokesperson in the release.

The Lotus Greens carbon footprint calculator will help people to understand how different aspects of their lifestyle and consumption habits affect their personal carbon emissions. As it is all of us have a carbon footprint and add to it every day of our lives. Almost everything we do increases our footprint. But most of us may not be able to contemplate reducing or neutralising the carbon footprint that the company’s routine activities generate.

According to the United Nation’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, it is “extremely likely” that humans and their growing carbon footprint are the dominant cause of the environment’s increasing toxicity. Over the last decade, CO2 levels have risen by 2.9 per cent. In 2012, developing countries like China, India and Mexico produced 59 per cent of the world’s carbon dioxide emissions, while industrialized countries and regions like the EU, US and Russia emitted 41 per cent. Currently, India counts among the world’s top three carbon dioxide emitters globally: India’s CO2 emissions grew 43 per cent from 2007 to 2012, to reach 596 million tons.