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Luxury players to re-purpose offerings


Gulsanz Home

                                                      By Yukti Nagpal

                                                     Director, Gulshan

Time shows us what really matters, and in consonance to the ‘New Normal’, the definition of luxury housing has also undergone a significant change. It has always been exclusive and full of panache, as allegiance to beauty is the eternal duty of a luxury homemaker. However, the social distancing norm brought upon us by the global pandemic has started adding more dimensions to luxury housing. 

In order to satiate the extravagant demands of luxury home buyers, real estate has redirected its attention turning the magnificent homes into wellness abodes as health becomes the new luxury. In these times of contagion having a healthy body and mind is the foremost privilege. 

This modified positioning of luxury spaces has initiated the process of repurposing the projects. The focus is not just on exclusivity and opulence, but more towards wellness, wholesome growth, rejuvenation, flexibility, convenience and healthy living. Wellness homes are specially designed spaces that encourage a healthier lifestyle, and are created with touch-points of healthy living throughout the premise. With incorporation of state of the art technology pertinent to sustainable and healthy living such as, Zero waste kitchen, dedicated Mediation space/pyramid and Treated Fresh Air (TFA) units. 


The new-age homebuyer is inclined to pay extra for premium products and features. As is the case with luxury homebuyers in India their single-largest investment is their home, therefore it makes sense to secure the best option available within one’s means.  

Characteristics of wellness homes

  • Wellness homes would be inclined on keeping its inmates close to nature as much as possible. 
  • This is achievable through an increased green cover around the surroundings of the home, with not just plants that give a scenic view but medicinal plants that have healing power since times immemorial. 
  • Low-density living is also becoming popular, with distancing being the widely acceptable lifestyle trend. 
  • Yoga grounds, meditation rooms and sunbathing decks to nurture your family well and spend some quality time with them, are some of the other additions in luxury projects to promote well-being. 
  • Separate entry/exit, elevators into the complex as well as the apartment for all the service personnel and delivery agents. Separate guards for every tower. This has been incorporated to maintain a delivery experience as contactless as possible, and providing the occupants’ enhanced privacy and safety.   
  • Organically grown produce to fulfil the residents’ balanced diet requirements, making their dining experience right from the farm to fork.
  • Better quality of air and water will also become the most attractive offerings of such projects. 
  • Contactless common services like elevators, entrances would be an elemental part of the wellness projects.

The changing times have taught us to take more conscious decisions when it comes to our health and the family’s well-being. This has started showing signs of translating into the housing demand, which is the need for spacious homes that cater to providing environment friendly living is accelerating.