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M3M Foundation plants 25k trees at NSG Manesar

M3M Foundation embarks

M3M Foundation has kick-started an environmental campaign to plant one million trees within three years.

According to a press release, it has collaborated with Plantology, a self-funded organisation committed to increasing green cover in the country, for implementation of this campaign in Manesar.  About 25,000 trees have been planted at NSG Manesar,  added the release.

In the first phase, approximately 15,000 trees were planted at CISF, Hyderabad, 10,000 at Army Base, Meerut, about 15,617 at Bemta village in Sundargarh district of in Odisha and around 1200 in Gurugram.

Payal Kanodia, Trustee, M3M Foundation, said, “Tree plantation entails a plethora of benefits for people at the grassroot level and is a key to heralding socio-economic change in rural India. The initiative will also sensitise the local community on the significance of protecting environment. As a responsible organisation, we are committed to augmenting Government efforts to address the challenges of environmental degradation and climate change”.