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M3M India unveils M3M Cosmo+


M3MRealty major M3M India Limited announced the launch of ‘M3M Cosmo+’, unique proposition for medical practitioners. M3M Cosmo+ is an innovative healthcare facility to attract top medical specialists/ practitioners from around the globe by providing world class clinical examination rooms.

“All practitioners retain their independence while maximizing earning potential in a collegiate working environment. It will be India’s first one-stop destination for healthcare, where doctors, pathological laboratories and pharmacies exist under one roof,” a company release said.

Pankaj Bansal, director of M3M India said, “Creating meaningful and complimentary connections in one’s day to day life is the key to enhance the vibrancy of any precinct. M3M Cosmo+ is a flawless commercial project contributing innovation in the field of medical space. Serving as an ideal place for the physicians and patients, one can avail all the imperative medical needs and end-to-end requirements in Cosmo+.”

However Kunal Banerji, CMO of M3M India said, “It needs to be emphasised that Cosmo+ is going to be India’s first complete solutions, state-of-the-art medical center. It will be known for its quality, resource and aesthetics. It will provide ample opportunity for the medical practitioners who want to operate in a modern establishment.”

M3M Cosmo Plus+ is designed and developed with a patient’s convenience and a doctor’s potentialities in mind. For a doctor, it gives them an opportunity to blossom in a professional set-up customized to his requirements. The idea is to develop it like a medical hub where practitioners from various fields of medical consulting would operate in a perfect complimenting environment, offering complete healthcare solutions.