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Machani Ananda Unveils Its New Brand Identity

Svasa's inauguration

Machani Ananda rebrands to Svasa Homes

  • Svasa Homes is all about creating a well-rounded life, that empowers you to pursue what you truly believe in
  • The brand unveiled the new Svasa logo
  • Plans for offline & online campaigns across platforms for the next 6 months

Bengaluru, 8th April 2019: Machani Ananda, by Machani Infra Development Corporation (MIDC) today officially announced the rebranding of Machani Ananda to Svasa Homes. The new identity was launched in the presence of Mr. Ramesh Machani, Chairman of Machani group, at the new Svasa Homes property in Basavanagudi.

The announcement involved a video unveiling the new logo followed by a presentation by Joe Joseph from Ink Inc, the brain behind the Svasa brand, who explained the essence behind the rebranding, the story behind the brand, and the choice of logo design. The Svasa launch event featured Mr. Ravi Machani lighting an oil lamp symbolizing the beginning of a new chapter. Svasa Homes will execute marketing campaigns both offline & online, that will include: Print Ads, advertorials, customer outreach programmes, and social media engagements to drive consumers to witness the luxurious heritage associated with the property.

The rebranding strategy aligns with Svasa’s vision and growth and focuses on 3 core inspirations; timeless heritage, seamless luxury, and selfless community. The brand holds a strong positioning in the market based on these core inspirations and values. By giving the ability to create “A Bend in Time”, Svasa empowers to reach the best of one’s potential, by enabling people to spend their time in pursuit of higher purposes.

Speaking on the occasion, Ravi Machani, Managing Director of Machani Group, said, “Svasa homes strives to provide a conducive living environment to enable an individual to achieve the Svasa life. The Svasa life refers to an inspired way of living, i.e. a life that allows an individual to achieve higher, more meaningful and fulfilling purposes by providing abundant opportunities to create a larger-than-life impact in his/her personal, social and environmental spheres. We always had a bigger vision for the brand than a mere desire to enter the real estate industry. We wanted to build an ecosystem that comprises of the community filled with like-minded people, celebrates our South Indian Heritage and appreciates the luxury of intangible values of life.’’

Svasa Homes is a 132 luxurious 4-bedroom apartment for entrepreneurial families nestled at the heart of Basavanagudi with 18 floors in each tower, 97,000 square feet landscape, 36,000 square feet clubhouse and 3 levels of parking space among many other exclusive amenities.


The evolution of the brand is also in sync with its new identity on providing a heightened customer experience and creating transparency. The brand repositioning is all set to further enhance Svasa’s presence and make it a desired premium luxury heritage real estate name in India.