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Mahagun Director speaks on luxurious M Collection


Mr. Dhiraj Jain, Director Mahagun Group.Today’s real estate scenario is experiencing an unprecedented increase in the number of affluent buyers with the aspiration to boast of an exclusive, comfortable and luxurious lifestyle. The concept of luxury is evolving with the upper crest expanding their thoughts and living out of their dreams. Luxurious brand names, real estate properties and ultra-luxurious amenities are giving them an adrenalin rush. The trend is to focus on exclusivity.

It is not surprising to see the real estate fraternity take the next step forward and add that ‘oomph’ factor and a touch of panache by establishing the in-trend to their luxury segment. This spike in demand has made them think of new ideas and innovative plans to indulge the client further and raise the exclusivity quotient.

• Firstly, branded residences, a highly successful concept internationally, has taken the shape of an emerging trend here. The association with
celebrated designers brings to the buyers unique design philosophies.

• Large living spaces embellished with ultra modern swanky luxurious amenities is another key feature of these limited edition homes. The element of global luxury is brought in here with infinity pools, sky lounges, resort-like salons and rooftop helipad.

• Home automation is another characteristic feature of these smart homes. All hightech, ultra-modern facilities help the residents live a complete and healthy life.

• Having a greener advantage with more open spaces differentiates these homes from the conventional claustrophobic ones. Homes created in harmony with large open spaces are considered a prime element.


• Services and not just the product is the demand of the hour. In the intensely competitive market, customisation of signature services offered to residents is setting in to stand out.

In a nutshell, luxury homes today pack all the important features to meet the growing aspirations of people who want their spaces to reflect
their social and financial standing. We at Mahagun relate to this and have therefore recently introduced luxury segment as a part of
our new venture. The M collection by Mahagun is our answer to opulent living spaces with ultra modern luxurious amenities. Mahagun
Mezzaria, a part of this collection, is one such luxurious project located at Sector 78, Noida which gives the experience of a privileged life. It is a creation of architecture in art deco design form. Double-height living rooms and attached double-height balcony in homes starting 25 ft above the ground makes it a benchmark in modern living.

A project of extremely low density of only two homes per floor in most of the blocks makes “Mezzaria” irresistible. A marvel by Hafeez Contractor, the project houses 3 and 4BHK exclusive luxury apartments and is a certified green building conforming to “GOLD” standards of IGBC