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Maharashtra’s Energy Department issues circular to instal Fire Evacuation Lift mandatory in 70 meters and above heights high-rise buildings in across Maharashtra

Mumbai, July 21, 2022: Maharashtra State’s Energy Department in conjunction with the Municipal Corporation and the Fire Department has made it mandatory to install and operate a Fire Evacuation Lift in every High-Rise Building scaling 70-meters and above since January 2018. The Energy Department has issued the Circular as ‘Advisory on Installation of the Fire Evacuation Lifts in the High Rise Buildings having height 70 Meters and above.”

Maharashtra has become the first State in India to make Fire Evacuation Lifts mandatory for buildings 70 meters and above since January 2018.

As per the new circular, henceforth, it is mandatory to obtain the permission for erection and License for operation of Fire Evacuation Lifts in the State of Maharashtra.