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Mahindra Lifespaces® launches India’s first Net Zero Energy Homes in Bengaluru

Mahindra Lifespaces

Bengaluru, April 12, 2022: Mahindra Lifespace Developers Ltd., the real estate and infrastructure development arm of the Mahindra Group, on Tuesday announced the launch of India’s first Net Zero Energy residential project, Mahindra Eden, in Bengaluru; certified by Indian Green Building Council (IGBC).  A press release issued by the company says that the unique design features of this residential development are together expected to save over 18 lakh kWh electricity annually, equivalent to powering over 800 homes. The remaining energy demand for the project will be met from renewable sources through both on-site solar and wind energy systems, and purchase of green energy from the grid.

Arvind Subramanian

Arvind Subramanian, Managing Director and CEO, Mahindra Lifespace Developers Limited said, “As a pioneer in sustainable development with a 100% certified-green portfolio, we were keen to take the next leap in sustainable design and development. Building net-zero homes is one of the cornerstones of a reduced carbon future, thereby an important solution to climate change and we are committed to playing a leading role in this energy transition of the Real Estate sector.

Mahindra Eden has been developed by adopting climate responsive design strategies and energy conservation measures that include optimal building orientation to maximize natural light and ventilation, optimum shading for windows and balcony, SRI paints on roof and exterior walls for high heat reflectivity, high-performance glass on windows and balcony to reduce heat ingress from the building envelope, and energy efficient lighting and equipment. The building will have contemporary Variable Voltage Variable Frequency (VVVF) elevators that use less energy during acceleration and deceleration.

The project also has multiple sustainability features that are available across Mahindra Lifespaces® developments like low-flow water efficient fixtures, rainwater harvesting, and sewage treatment plant. This will help reduce the water demand of the project by 74% when compared to conventional buildings. Additionally, the project will deploy sustainable strategies such as waste segregation, composting, and waste recycling through a resource recovery center and vendor tie ups. E-waste management will divert 100% of the annual e-waste away from landfills, making it zero e-waste project.

Along with energy, water, and waste efficiency, the project is designed to be ‘Nature Positive’, preserving and nurturing over 100 species of plants, more than 25 species of birds and over 25 species of butterflies. Initiatives for naturalizing and streamlining of waterbodies within the project will also be undertaken. The project has been designed with more than 85% open space.

Mahindra Eden is Mahindra Lifespaces’ second project in Bengaluru.