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MHADA to Provide 11 Months’ Rent in One Instalment to Eligible Tenants in BDD Chawl Redevelopment Project

Mumbai, June 15, 2024: To make it easier for tenants in old BDD chawls to vacate their premises and to encourage more tenants to cooperate, MHADA has decided to provide eligible tenants with 11 months’ rent in one instalment. This decision follows an initial payment of 11 months’ rent, which was given to tenants at the beginning of the project.

In the BDD Chawl Redevelopment Project, eligible tenants, who have not opted for transit camp accommodations provided by MHADA, will receive this rent. Initially, tenants were given 11 months’ rent in advance and it was decided that after this instalment they will be given rent on monthly basis. However, tenants requested that the rent be given in a lump sum for the next 11 months as well. MHADA’s Vice President and Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Sanjeev Jaiswal, approved this proposal.

According to this decision, this policy will continue until tenants are relocated to the new rehabilitation units. Eligible tenants, verified by the concerned Executive Engineer, will receive 11 months’ rent in one instalment. If the stay extends beyond 11 months, tenants will receive the corresponding rent for the duration of their stay. Rent will be provided based on the actual duration of stay, not just a blanket 11 months.

The BDD Chawl Redevelopment Project spread over 92 acres of land is the biggest ever project of urban renewal and is the most ambitious project of urban of the Maharashtra Government, with redevelopment work progressing rapidly at Worli, Naigaon, and N.M. Joshi Marg-Lower Parel. Under this project, eligible residential tenants are provided accommodations in transit camps by MHADA. However, due to a shortage of available units, tenants are given the option to receive rent instead. Eligible residential tenants, who do not prefer transit accommodations are given ₹25,000 per month as rent by MHADA. Similarly, non-residential tenants also receive ₹25,000 per month as compensation.

The computerised lottery for allocation of rehabilitation units to eligible tenants in the Worli BDD Chawl Redevelopment Project will be held next week.