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Model Format of Application Form For Adding Co-allottee as Co-complainant Now Available on UP RERA Portal

Lucknow/Gautam Buddh Nagar: UP RERA has made names of co-allottees to be mandatorily included as co-complainant in the complaints filed in RERA. In this sequence, the model format of the application form to be given in the Authority to add the name of the co-allottee as co-complainant on the portal has been made available on the portal in Hindi and English languages. The complainant needs to attach a copy of the BBA / Agreement for Sale or Allotment Letter with his application form on the basis of which action can be taken to register the co-allottee as co-complainant.

In some cases in which the complainants have not included the co-allottees as co-complainants and the RERA Benches have disposed of the complaints after hearing the respective parties which in such cases meant hearing only one of the allottees. But, later on the co-allottee appeared in RERA and submitted that the complainant did not include his name as co-complainant in the said matter and thus he lost the opportunity of hearing and protecting his interest. Hence, U.P. RERA has decided that name of the co-allottee shall hence forth be included as co-complainant in the complaints filed by the allottees. This order will be applicable to the complaints pending before the RERA benches, the Adjudicating Officer, order execution proceedings and order rectification proceedings.

Sanjay Bhoosreddy, Chairman, UP RERA, says that the objective of U.P. RERA is to ensure protection of the interests of every allottee. It is not necessary that the interests of the allottee and co-allottee are always identical. This is in accordance with the principles of legal and natural justice.

In a large number of house or shop allotments, joint allottees, such as wife-husband, father-son, brother-sister, brother-brother are co-allottees. In some cases, persons other than blood relatives are also co-allottees or partners and there are more than 2 co-allottees. Sometimes their interests may clash and a dispute may arise. The objective of RERA is to ensure protection of the interests of all allottees.