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Motia Group goes ‘Plastic-Free’; uses sustainable paper, jute bags in office

Punjab-based real estate firm Motia Group has announced completely doing away with plastic usage at its office and use eco-friendly alternatives like paper bags and jute bags.

As a part of its CSR initiative to promote environmental sustainability, Motia Group has come up with this campaign. Previously, the Group had organised Go Green campaigns, plantation drives, etc., to instil a sense of awareness among people to keep the environment clean and pure.

On the decision to go ‘Plastic-free’ at the office LC Mittal, Director, Motia Group, said, “There is no rationale of using plastics if healthy and environmentally friendly options and replacements are available. It is a collective decision to use eco-friendly alternatives like paper bags in place of plastics at our office. Plastic has caused a menace to the environment. It has led to destruction on various counts. Our employees were incredibly supportive of the initiative and showed their support by carrying paper bags to the office. We also distributed paper bags to channelise a feeling of environmentalism among our workers and employees.”