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Mumbai opens doors to its first ever Merino Experience Center, exclusively for the industry professionals


Mumbai opens doors to its first ever Merino Experience Center, exclusively for the industry professionals

Mumbai, November 26, 2018: After taking the design world by storm all over the country, Merino Group recently launched their exclusive “Merino Experience Centre” in Mumbai recently. It will serve as a one-stop solution for all surface needs, with a grand display of all products of Merino under one roof.

To experience the world-class designs and unleash the unique concept of “Power to Create” your space with world-class surface products. The Merino Experience Centre not only offers display of the complete bouquet of Merino’s product portfolio but also adds value when it comes to experiencing them in real life scenario, with all possible surface products combinations. Merino has always been a leader when it comes to laminates, but company’s Mumbai centre clearly showcases how the brand can offer, decorative laminates, to compacts, PU acrylic panels to Internal & External wall cladding to restroom solutions, offering all surface solutions from one brand. The event was graced by presence of Architect Hafeez Contractor, by inaugurating and taking a round of the center. Architect Chandrashekar Kanitkar also adorned the event by his presence. Apart from him, industry gems like Ar. Bakir Baldiwala, Mr. Narsi Kularia, Mr. Bhupesh Mistry and Mr. Deepak Lakhani were also present to share their experience.

Speaking during the occasion, Mr, Prakash Lohia Managing Director Merino Group said, “Merino Group has always been a customer friendly brand; now the group intends to find new ways to develop close association with the customers & specially the Architect & Interior design fraternity, to explain the power to create “customized surface products” by choosing variety of designs, textures, finishes & subsets, from one brand with the ease of getting customization as per individual’s requirements. We aim to deliver additional experiences and broaden the knowledge horizons by giving information about the latest innovations in surface industry.”

“He also mentioned that “Merino is proud to have a vast and strong association with industry leaders and patrons, who have always bestowed upon us with their trust and support. Their presence has indeed made the event super successful and mesmerizing”.


Speaking during the occasion, Mr, Madan Singi, from Merino Group said, “Our experience centre is open exclusively for Industry professionals as we intend to showcase application of products in real life scenario, technical propositions, options to mix match various surfaces etc, and this information only professionals can capture and then propose it wisely with many permeation combinations in their projects. Customers are welcome to visit the MEC but accompanied by their professional consultants & explore various colours, textures, understand product applications and then choose from the wide range of product categories.

The spotlight shines brightly on Merino’s current novelties, but with the launch of their exclusive showroom, they have come up with latest surface product called “Imagino” Customized Digital Laminates, which is showcased in many possibilities at the center. Any design can be customized on the laminate, the laminate can be used as it is, or on a panel or compact or the same compact can be used as an internal wall cladding solution with customized design printed on it and above all finishes from suede, matt to gloss to mirror like finish as can be customized”.

Also, partnering in the journey of the Architect & Design fraternity, the company is proud to introduce Pick your Surface concept at Merino Experience Center. Merino is one of the only company in India who can offer wide range of surface products combined with around 500+ designs & more than five plus surfaces like laminates, performance laminates, compacts, panels, solid surfaces and more with various thicknesses available in-house. This provides an unimaginable surface palette to the architects, interior designers & the whole design fraternity to play with their creative instincts.

The grand display settings will instantly reveal how Merino’s different surface solutions can be combined to complement many more surfaces than what the consumers can generally think of. With the widest range of products styles and verticals, Merino has shown its superiority not only in high quality interior design products but also in whole surface & décor lifestyle experience.

MEC in Mumbai will be a single business hub for Architects & Interior designers, enabling them to explore their choice of products through customisation of their imagination. The product display will inspire them to have creative brainstorming sessions to choose the best from exhaustive range of Merino surface products.

The centre aims to cater to the design fraternity with intensive information under one roof.