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NAREDCO’s UP chapter offers employment to 1Lac Migratory Workers in the state


New Delhi, June 23, 2020: With an aim to financially support migrant workers who have returned from various states of the country after the nation-wide lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the UP wing of apex real estate body National Real Estate Development Council (NAREDCO) will now employ one lakh labourers at various real estate projects in UP immediately. On June 26th at Sector 94, Supernova project site, NAREDCO-UP will give letters of employment to construction workers and therefore fulfilling its promise to employ nearly 2.5 lakh workers in the near future.

NAREDCO-UP identified workers from nearly 63 different districts and provided them the transport to successfully placed them at the construction sites. These workers have already resumed the work at the different real estate projects in the UP state. 

The state government had provided a database of about 12 lakh labourers to the NAREDCO-UP and out of which 1 lakh workers were identified to be immediately absorbed in the construction sites.

To fulfil its commitment to give work to a large number of pandemic hit workers from UP, the NAREDCO-UP has put in a lot of efforts to filter through a huge database and identified labours who can instantly start working at real estate projects.

Earlier, a memorandum of understanding (MoU) was signed by the National Real Estate Development Council (NAREDCO)-UP with the state government of UP. This MoU sought to provide work to nearly 2.5 lakh migrant workers and labourers in the real estate projects of NAREDCO-UP developers. 


Commenting on this development, President, NAREDCO-UP and Chairman Supertech, RK Arora said, “Many workers faced a tough times due to joblessness after the COVID-19 situation. A large number of people have left for their hometowns but now they have come back to UP. To ensure, they get work and earn their livelihood to support families back home, we have made a database of nearly one lakh labourers who will immediately get absorbed in the construction sites of real estate projects in the state. This will not only help workers but also the real estate developers in UP who need to speed up the work at their projects which came to a grinding halt due to the COVID-19 crisis.”  

There are 250 developer members in the state chapter of the body and it is in the process of creating a Group of Members for employing these migrant workers in under-construction real estate projects. This will also help to speed up the work on projects where the work came to a grinding halt after the nation-wide lockdown was announced and many workers returned to their hometowns. Many workers are now coming back to the construction sites and looking forward to start the work.

Arora further said, “We interacted with approximately 1 lakh labourers and they gave their consent to the join us immediately. More than 5000 workers have so far joined and already started work at various construction sites in UP. More construction workers will be placed at various real estate project sites in the coming days. Also, we have been getting more demand for workers from our developer members on a regular basis.”

The builders body will also conduct skill development programmes for these migrant labourers to absorb them in the real estate industry. Many workers who has no prior experience to work on construction sites at real estate projects are likely to get benefited with this.  

During the lockdown period, all NAREDCO-UP developers kept their workers on site and provided them with food and other essentials to ensure them good health and well-being.