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Nasaka strengthens its position in the market with a fresh look through rebranding

Nasaka strengthens its position in the market with a fresh look through rebranding

Nasaka has targeted to invest Rs 3 to 5 crore in a major rebranding initiative to cater to a wider market

New Delhi: Seeking to reposition itself as a market leader in health oriented water purifiers segment, Nasaka, the leading water purifiers manufacturing brand has kick-started a massive rebranding exercise. The company which is a part of Okaya Group has successfully established itself among the top two players in the aggressively growing water purifiers market in India. Through rebranding initiative, Nasaka is all set to create major footprints revolving round the company’s vision and core value system across the country. Simultaneously it is looking to increase its brand presence in the neighbouring Asian countries like Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, etc. apart from African countries as well.

With its strong presence in more than 14 states across the country including Delhi-NCR, UP, Punjab and Haryana, among others, Nasaka is in fact on a mission to strengthen its foothold in new and emerging markets. The pioneer Indian water Purifier manufacturer Nasaka has announced the rebranding of its products by launching one-of-a-kind revolution in water purification industry with its modern state-of-the-art products range.The company has targeted to invest Rs 3 to 5 crore in its major rebranding initiative aimed at catering to a wider market

Mr.Arush Gupta, Director, Nasaka Private Limited (Okaya Group) said, “The need for rebranding arose to provide brand ‘Nasaka’ more vibrant look aimed at building strong brand recall and reposition it as a market leader in health centric water purifiers manufacturer. Our target audience include 10 years old to 80 years old and so we wanted to connect with our customers with even stronger brand recall. Moreover, with this initiative, we have targeted to achieve 10% year on year increase in our market share.”


Unlike the other RO based water purifiers, Nasaka water purifiers are 100% health oriented which is one of the major USP of its most desired product line. Nasaka RO purifiers are studded with futuristic OrpHtechnology which adds the vital minerals and maintains ORP and PH level of water, thereby assuring good health and better immunity for the users.

Recently the company has also unveiled its new Logo focussed on modern and elegant looks and moreover, it is there in the market with a new tagline “JuggJuggPiyo” which truly represents its unmatched range of state-of-the art immunity boosting water purifiers. To become a part of its customers’ lives and celebrations ‘Nasaka’ has also unveiled exciting offers for its customers to win amazing prizes while they purchase Nasaka water purifiers during the ongoing festive season. Nasaka water purifiers are supported by 1 year warranty; however, the company is currently offering 3 years extended warranty on its purifiers as part of its festive offers.

Starting its production in 2010, Nasaka has over the years launched an array of magnificent RO, UV & UF water purifiers in many categories for the discerning customers/patrons. Nasaka water purifiers are supported by more than 400 service centre.