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Nasaka unveils ‘MaXsure’ RO water purifier equipped with mega tank capacity


New Delhi, 2nd May 2019Nasaka, the leading water purifiers manufacturing brand from the house of Okaya & Microtek, launched yet another revolutionary RO water purifier model ‘MaXsure’ in an inspiring dealers and distributors meet held in ‘The Leela Ambience Convention Hotel, Delhi. Amid the presence of the who’s who of the city, the director of Nasaka/Okaya Group Mr. Arush Gupta unveiled meticulously crafted  Nasaka ‘MaXsure’ that made the beholders literally stand out from the crowd due to its many embellishments.

More than 200 Nasaka dealers and distributors thronged the venue and witnessed the launch of the much-awaited Nasaka ‘MaXsure’ RO water purifier that is set to surpass the expectations of consumers. Designed exclusively for the big Indian family, Nasaka ‘MaXsure,’ equipped with an extra-large tank of 13 litres, boasts multiple purification stages (RO+UV+ UF+LED+OrpH++Biomag). Unlike other RO-based water purifiers, it is 100% health-oriented which is one of the major USPs of this one-of-its-kind product.

In particular, Nasaka ‘MaXsure’ is studded with futuristic OrpH+ technology that adds the vital minerals and maintains ORP and pH level of water, thereby assuring good health and better immunity for users. In a similar manner, its Biomag technology breaks down the water molecules into fine micro-cluster that helps the body quickly absorb essential minerals present in the water.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Arush Gupta, Director, Nasaka said, “Nasaka ‘MaXsure’ is truly an immunity boosting water purifier with its world-class four-stage water purification technology. After passing through minute purification, you get to drink water that is fortified with all essential minerals and tastes good too. Besides the high quality of water that helps you stay healthy, creative design and exceptional customer service are the other hallmarks of brand Nasaka which provide it an edge in the market.”